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Viking Cue Manufacturing is one of the oldest cue manufacturers in America with the strictest quality control in the industry. At Viking Cues, craftsmanship and performance go hand-in-hand. Viking uses a wood finger splice on all their cues that creates the feel of a one-piece cue and a unique shaft curing technique that takes nearly two years to complete offering Viking Cue owners the opportunity to play with the best cues available on the market. Located in the heart of Wisconsin Viking Cues is committed to quality, precision, and perfection without compromise and proud to bear the mark of "Made In The USA".

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Viking Pool Cues - Viking Series A200 - A300 - The most economical series of Viking Cues starting…
Building elite pool cues in Madison WI since the late 60's, Viking Cue is one of the most…
Nothing compares to Viking Cues. Produced in the state of the art manufacturing plant located…
The Viking A800 Class features the very best of design and innovation of the Viking Cues product…
Speciality Cues From Viking Cue Manufacturing. Jump Cues as well as Break Cues. Get your game…

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Viking Crush Jump / Break Cue
Viking CRUSH jump / break pool cue. This cue is all black...
$275.00 $247.50

15 Stain Color Options - Stained No-Wrap with VPro Shaft
Item - A201-A215
15 Stain Color Options Viking No-Wrap VPro Pool Cue....
$210.00 $189.00

15 Stain Color Options - Stained Linen Wrapped with VPro Shaft
Item - A221-A235
Viking Irish Linen Wrapped Maple Cue. From the leather...
$225.00 $202.50

14 Stain Color Options - Stained Linen Wrapped Curly Maple with VPro Shaft
Item - A241-A255
Viking Curly Maple VPro. From the leather tip, to the...
$245.00 $220.50

9 Stain and Pearl Color Options - Pearl Butt Sleeve Cue with ViKore High Performance Shaft
Item - A281-A289
Comes Standard with Viking ViKore American Performance...
$275.00 $247.50

Viking A326 Khaki Birdseye  - Vikore Shaft
Item - A326
A326 has a khaki stained Birdseye Maple forearm and butt...
$300.00 $270.00

A350 Coffee Stain Cocobolo Ebony - Vikore Shaft
Item - A350
A350 has a coffee stained Birdseye Maple forearm. The...
$335.00 $301.50

Viking Blue Dragon Cue - Vikore Shaft
Viking blue Dragon Cue. This cue is stained blue maple...
$349.00 $314.10

14 Stain Options - Viking Sneaky Pete - ViKore Shaft
Item - A351-A365
Viking A351 thru A365 is a 4 point stained Birdseye Maple...
$355.00 $319.50

A371 Rosewood 4 Point - Vikore Shaft
Item - A371
A371 has a East Indian Rosewood forearm with 4 Birdseye...
$355.00 $319.50

A395 Cocobolo Gator Leather - ViKore Shaft
Item - A395
Viking A395 has a Central American Cocobolo forearm and...
$400.00 $360.00

A396 Bocote Ostrich Leather
Item - A396
A396 has a Mexican Bocote forearm and butt sleeve....
$400.00 $360.00

9 Birdeye Maple with Pearl Options - Pearl Point and ViKore High Performance Shaft
Item - A571-A579
Viking Pool Cue A571-A579 cues have khaki stained...
$650.00 $585.00

9 Black and Pearl Color Options - Pearl Point and ViKore High Performance Shaft
Item - A401-A407
A401-A407 has a black Maple forearm with colored pearl...
$410.00 $369.00

9 Ebony with Pearl Options - Pearl Point and ViKore High Performance Shaft
Item - A541-A549
A541-A549 cues have West African Ebony forearm with 4...
$595.00 $535.50

9 Natural and Pearl Color Options - Pearl Floating Point and ViKore Shaft
Item - A431-A439
A431-A439 has a natural Maple forearm with colored pearl...
$420.00 $378.00

9 Rosewood with Pearl Options and ViKore High Performance Shaft
Item - A451-A459
Viking A451-A459 cues are are constructed out of East...
$430.00 $387.00

A416 Khaki Black Pearl
Item - A416
A416 has a khaki stained Birdseye Maple forearm. Butt...
$420.00 $378.00

A417 - 5 Inlays - Central American Cocobolo
Item - A417
Viking Cues A417 - 5 Birdseye Maple, Central American...
$420.00 $378.00

A424- Emerald Stain - Northwoods Maple
Item - A424
Viking Cues A424 - Emerald stained Northwoods Maple,...
$260.00 $234.00

A425 Maple Smoke Stain
Item - A425
Viking A425 features smoke stained Northern Maple with...
$260.00 $234.00

A443 - Khaki Stain - Northwoods Maple - Blue Pearl
Item - A443
Viking Cues A443 features a Khaki stained Northwoods...
$315.00 $283.50

A444 - Wild Thing Premium Pearl
Item - A444
Viking Cues A444 has a khaki stained Northwoods Maple...
$315.00 $283.50

A460 Birdseye Bocote
Item - A460
Viking A460 pool cue has a natural stained Birdseye Maple...
$315.00 $283.50

A470 - Black Cherry Stain - Burgundy Swirl Pearl
Item - A470
Viking Cues A470 - Black Cherry and Smoke Double Washed...
$300.00 $270.00

A480 - Teal Stain - Curly Maple
Item - A480
Viking Cues A480 - Teal Stain - Curly Maple, Stainless...
$300.00 $270.00

A500 - Central American Cocobolo
Item - A500
Viking Cues A500 - Central American Cocobolo - Stainless...
$320.00 $288.00

A502 - Bocote - Gold Premium Pearl Rings
Item - A502
Viking Cues A502 - Bocote - Brass, Red Pearl, Gold Coast...
$320.00 $288.00

A503 - Double Wash Ocean Blue & Yellow Sunflower Stain
Item - A503
Viking Cues A503 - Double Wash Ocean Blue & Yellow...
$320.00 $288.00

A504 - Smoke Stain - Birdseye Maple
Item - A504
Viking Cues A504 - Smoke Stain - Birdseye Maple - Brass,...
$320.00 $288.00

A505 - Midnight Black Stain
Item - A505
Viking Cues A505 Black Northwoods Maple forearm and butt...
$320.00 $288.00

A506 Birdseyes Ebony
Item - A506
A506 has a khaki stained forearm with 4 black and...
$525.00 $472.50

A507 - East Indian Rosewood
Item - A507
Viking Cues A507 East Indian Rosewood with double pressed...
$320.00 $288.00

A508 - Teal Stain - Birdseye Maple
Item - A508
Viking Cues A504 - Teal Stain - Birdseye Maple - Brass,...
$350.00 $315.00

A509 - Midnight Black Stain - Premium Pearl
Item - A509
Viking Cues A509 - Midnight Black Stain - Northwoods...
$350.00 $315.00

A510 - Nebula Premium Pearl Sleeve
Item - A510
Viking Cues A510 East Indian Rosewood with double pressed...
$355.00 $319.50


"I'd like to thank Kory and Seybert's staff for keeping their word about price matching and making it happen. Thanks also for shipping free and fast. All of my future billiard supplies will come from Seybert's...period! FJM "

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