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Viking Cue Cases

Viking's cue cases are a must for the protection of your cue. They are available in black. Individual compartments for the butt and shaft are lined with soft felt to assure the safety of your investment. Each case includes handles and a shoulder strap.

Viking Pink Soft Cue Case
Hot Deal
Viking pool cue logo pink soft case. Individual...
$29.00 $18.85
Viking Pro 1x1 Pool Cue Case
Item - CS11
Viking logo 1x1 pool cue black 1 butt 1 shaft case....
$80.00 $64.00
Viking Pro 1x2 Pool Cue Case
Item - CS12
Discontinued Viking logo 1x2 pool cue black 1 butt 2...
$75.00 $63.75
Viking Pro 2x2 Pool Cue Case
Item - CS22
Discontinued Viking logo 2x2 pool cue black 2 butt 2...
$105.00 $94.50
Viking Backpack Pro 2x4 Pool Cue Case
Item - CS24BP
Viking backpack Pro 2x4 pool cue case . This...
$145.00 $130.50
Viking Kick Stand Pro 2x4 Pool Cue Case
Item - CS24KS
Viking Kick Stand Pro 2x4 free standing pool cue...
$145.00 $130.50
Viking Pro 2x4 Pool Cue Case
Item - CS24
Viking logo 2x4 pool cue black 2 butt 4 shaft...
$130.00 $84.50
Viking Pro 3x6 Cue Case
Item - CS36
Viking Pro black 3 butt 6 shaft cue case. Individual...
$145.00 $130.50
Viking Black Soft Cue Case
Viking black pool cue logo soft case. Individual...
$29.00 $26.10

" Hello Seyberts, I Have been shoping at seyberts for about 5 years now, just added a new Viking Limited BCA Cue to my colection, it was a lowering price cue so I paid way less than i would have expected, And it shoots like a dream. Ive bought most of my cues from these guys, cause they know their stuff, and got the best prices! Also adde..."

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