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Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots 5 DVD Set

Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots 5 DVD Set
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Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots 5 DVD set with free VEP holder
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Format: DVD

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Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots
Disc I - Basic Shot Making and Position
1 hour and 27 minutes of video
160 shots

1. Cut Shots
2. Stun Shots
3. Follow Shots
4. Draw Shots
5. CB Direction Control
6. CB Speed Control
7. Avoiding a Scratch
8. Combination Shots
9. Carom (OB kiss) Shots
10. Billiard (CB kiss) Shots

Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots
Disc II - English and Position Control
1 hour and 39 minutes of video
184 shots
11. English (Sidespin) Basics
12. English Effects and Aim Correction
13. Rail Cut Shots
14. CB Path Control
15. Basic Position Play Shots
16. Advanced Position Play Shots
17. Center-of-Table Position Shots
18. Straight-in Position Play Shots
19. OB-Hanger CB Path Control
20. Multiple-Rail Position Play Shots

Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots
Disc III - Safety Play and Strategy
1 hour and 15 minutes of video
127 shots
21. Defensive Safety Shots
22. Offensive Safety Shots
23. Safety Replies
24. Ball-in-Hand Options
25. General Strategy

 26. 8-Ball Strategy
27. 9-Ball Strategy
28. Rail-First Shots
29. Clearance and Cluster Break-Out Shots

Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots
Disc IV - Banks, Kicks, and Advanced Shots
1 hour and 50 minutes of video
136 shots
 30. Bank and Kick Shot Generalities
31. One-Rail Kick Shots
32. Multiple-Rail Kick Shots
33. Bank Shots
34. Frozen-Ball Shots
35. Frozen-Rail Shots
36. Ticky Shots
37. Double Kiss Shots
38. Kiss-Back Shots
39. throw Shots
40. spin-transfer shots

Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots
Disc V - Skill And Specialty Shots
1 hour and 29 minutes of video
135 shots
41. Power Shots
42. Jump Shots
43. Masse Shots
44. Break Shots
45. Cushion and Point Compression Shots
46. Pocket Point and Wall Shots
47. Game Runout Examples Discussing Principles and Strategies Used
48. Fouls
49. Proposition and “Cute” Shots
50. Famous Trick Shots (“Top Ten”)



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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by jassenchua
jassenchua bought
"Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots 5 DVD Set"

Watch and learn

One of the ways to improve is watch Dr Dave’s DVD.
The Magician wont teach you how he does his secrets but Dr Dave can.
Magic Revealed
Reviewed by garybkatz

A treasure trove of pool secrets

This set of 5 DVDs covers so many aspects of pool, the serious player (or the inexperienced player who wishes to broaden his/her skills) will spend dozens of hours soaking up the information. The discs start off pretty simple, then build upon each other to teach more complex principles and techniques. For instance, you learn the natural angle a rolling cue ball takes on most cut shots. Then, the instructors repeatedly apply that concept to multiple applications, from playing defense, to busting clusters, to getting position for the next shot. I find it necessary to review much of the information, to really burn it in. I doubt most players could ever master every shot or concept in this set, but there will be many game-winning bits of wisdom for everyone who watches these DVDs. This set will improve your game on both offense and defense. Worth the investment!

"Dear Sirs; I received my custom cover this afternoon. It fits like a glove; it looks great on the table; the quality is excellent. Thank you for your fine service and product quality."

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