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Black 2x4 Hard Core Pool Cue Case

Black 2x4 Hard Core Pool Cue Case
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Pool God's 2x4 Black hard pool cue case. This Hard 2 butt 4 shaft case features 2 pockets for your cue accessories, separate shaft and butt storage, and shoulder strap. This case is made with a durable foam core for added protection. You can insert the butt and shaft either way into the case.
PRICE: $109.99 $54.99
Product ID : AC24BK
Product ID: AC24BK
Cue Configuration: 2 Butts - 4 Shafts
Interior Length: 30"
Exterior Material: Vinyl
Case Type: Hard Case
Exterior Dimensions: 33" X 4"
Case Shape: Oval
Case Shape: Square
Handle Location: Side Handle
Shoulder Strap: Back Strap
Pockets: 2 Pockets
Top Pocket Size: 4" X 6"
Bottom Pocket Size: 4" X 14"
Loading Direction: Bi-Directional
Interior Design: Tubed Interior
Lid Closure: Zippered

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by ridgwayb
ridgwayb bought
"Black 2x4 Hard Core Pool Cue Case"

Mind Changing

Up till now, I’ve not been a big fan of Cue Cases with Tubed Interiors. Even though I realize the foam rubber material the tubes are made of, still protect my cues. That “RATTLING” noise and sensation the Butts and Shafts produce when being carried around. I’ve never liked. Jut a bit disconcerting, if you understand wheat I mean. For that reason I’ve always preferred cases with Silk Linings. The Butts and Shafts fit more snugly into their respective slots so they don’t rattle around. Plus, the interior dimensions (length) of the Tubes in a majority of the non-Silk Lined cased I’ve looked at. Are way too long. Even with joint protectors attached. You have to go fishing, or up-end the case to get things out.

Now this case, has changed my mind. I love it. For the price, It’s very well constructed and thought out. Externally and internally. The interior length of the tubes aren’t that long. Just 30 inches and I think the tube diameters “may” be just a bit smaller then other cases I’ve looked at. So, no rattling sensation. With the addition of Joint Protectors on the Butts. I don’t have to go fishing or up-end the case to get them out. Someone also thought things through on the tubes for the Shafts. They added some padding at the bottom, making them just a bit shorter. So again, no fishing or up-ending of the case. Plus, I use the Magic Chalk Rubber Tip Caps (from Seybert’s) to keep chalk from getting everywhere inside the case. Which also gives me something nice to grab onto.

Overall… for the price, materials, construction and design. I would “Highly” recommend this case to the budget minded, looking for a 2 x 4 case. Definitely worth every penny… and more. Thanks Seybert’s for offering such a “Mind Changing” product.
Reviewed by dbuts
dbuts bought
"Black 2x4 Hard Core Pool Cue Case"

Amazing Value

I got this with my seybert's bucks from my new cue and I'm astounded at how great the value of this case is. Fits my new cue and my old, now break cue, perfectly. The vinyl feels great, the zippers are nice thick metal, not the flimsy type I was expecting and would have been fine with. Supreme value, extremely happy!
Reviewed by Lonestar66
Lonestar66 bought
"Black 2x4 Hard Core Pool Cue Case"

Great value

I just received my case and it is in perfect condition.. I was a bit skeptical when I saw the review saying the shoulder strap was sewn to the case.. It is not sewn to the case it is exactly as pictured.. Case is a real value at 45$ and I am extremely Pleased
Reviewed by Cmsteve

Not recommended

The case I received was not the case pictured. The one I received had the shoulder strap sewn to the casing. The one pictured obviously has the standard wrap strap around the case. The sewn on strap prevents carry of a fully loaded case without the strap ripping off. Only buy this case if you don't use the shoulder strap or if you only want to load with one cue. The main zipper of the entry end of the case is also substandard and I would not expect it to last long term.
Reviewed by carmen5503
carmen5503 bought
"Black 2x4 Hard Core Pool Cue Case"

Worth every penny

The price of this bag almost made me second guess it, I gambled and won. Solid structure hard case to protect your cues. I needed something to hold a play cue,break cue and a jump.
Only reason I won't give it 5 stars is because the bottom pocket is just not long enough to hold the bottom portion of a jump cue.
I had to poke a hole in the bottom of the pocket and add a grommet in order to transport the butt of the jump.
Setting that a side a 2 x 4 w/ no jump this is the bag to have
Reviewed by Giorgina

comfortable and lightweight

It's a very comfortable case, easy to carry and so is much lighter than an old case that I had, even with all spaces occupied. I haven't carry anything else, there goes all I need.

"Seyberts is an exceptional company. They have exceeded customer expectations."

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