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TZAR Pool Cue Tip

TZAR Pool Cue Tip
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Tzar pool cue tip are made with 8 layer of PREMIUM pigskin leather. The TZAR tips are available in 4 hardness soft, medium soft, medium, and hard. They are 14mm so they will have to be cut down and shaped to your shaft. Price is for 1 tip
PRICE: $20.00 $8.95
Product ID : TZAR
Product ID: TZAR
Layered / Non Layered: Layered Tip
Leather Type: Japanese Pig Skin
Size: 14mm
Tip Backing: Non Backed
Tip Hardness: Multiple Hardness
Tip Type: Play Tip

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TZAR is so confident they are in fact the best tips you have ever used that we offer a 100%, 30-day *MONEY BACK guarantee.    No questions asked.  Just cut off the old tip on and send it to the address listed on the package.  We will refund you the cost of the tip.  How strong is that?

All tips are 14mm.   
Tips available are:  with associated durometer rating: 

Soft - 67
Medium Soft - 69

Medium - 71
Hard - 75


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by tfait826
tfait826 bought
"TZAR Pool Cue Tip"

Decent Tip

Decent tip for the price. Plays similar to the kamui tan original.
Reviewed by sl315
sl315 bought
"TZAR Pool Cue Tip"

Tzar soft tip

Excellent tip. Feels and performs like Kamui tan soft tips. Chalks adheres good. A great tip for the price.
Reviewed by natek32
natek32 bought
"TZAR Pool Cue Tip"

Tzar "Medium/Soft"

AS the title suggests, I bought a medium soft version of this tip not long ago. I'll start with the positives. The tip holds shape very well and looks really nice on the cue. Unfortunately, thats the extent of the pros; onto the cons.. The feel of the tip is quite unsatisfying, it has a slight thuddy feeling which I hate. Also, it might be due to the newness of the tip (i.e. not broken in/scuffed enough yet) but its really difficult to find grip with this tip. It holds chalk well enough but it fails to deliver the energy as well as other tips.

Rating this tip 3/5 stars because it was a good price when I bought it on sale ($8.95) and performs mediocrely, however definitely not what I would consider a medium soft play tip.
Reviewed by bpagels
bpagels bought
"TZAR Pool Cue Tip"

great tip. just not for me

i went on a limb and got this tip. it seems to wear quicker than others i have tried. needed replacement much quicker. ill stick to predator or kamui tips from now on.
Reviewed by cueistdale
cueistdale bought
"TZAR Pool Cue Tip"

good tip

This is a very good tip, but I don't know that I can agree that it is the best tip I have ever used. There are too many variables to consider, and different players want different characteristics from their tips. At first I thought it played a little stiff for my liking, but as I continued to use it, it exhibited the elasticity I want. After the first night of use, I noticed slight mushrooming, but this is not unusual as a tip initially breaks in. Again I am willing to call this a very good product and do consider it among the best I've used, but I place at least 4 other tips in the top echelon: Cyborg Quick, Zan Grip Hard, UltraSkin S.I.B. and the jewel series from Moori.
Reviewed by t7fce
t7fce bought
"TZAR Pool Cue Tip"

Good playing tip

I tried both the soft and medium soft versions and like them both. Very subtle difference between the two and they both hold chalk well and impart good English to the cue ball. They trimmed and shaped easily and are holding up well, no mushrooming yet after a month of daily play. I like the PureX soft as well and might choose that one based on price alone.

"Rick, I just wanted to say thank you for your kind and generous gesture. Your business practices are commendable and your service is impeccable. We are pleased and honored to do business with you. Thank you again. Alan Regala "

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