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Triangle Blue Billiard Chalk

Triangle Blue Billiard Chalk
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Blue Triangle Pool and Billiard Chalk - Triangle Chalk has the texture that transforms smoothly and evenly to leather cue tips which helps prevent miscues. Triangle Billiard Chalk is widely known all over the world as the number one preferred pool and billiard chalk. Triangle Billiard Cue Chalk is sold by the box. Each box contains 12 Triangle Chalk cubes.
PRICE: $3.95 $2.95
Product ID : 200BL
Product ID: 200BL
Color: Blue
Pack Size: 12 Pieces

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Pods
Pods bought
"Triangle Blue Billiard Chalk"

Triangle Chalk

Very good chalk for the price. Not much different than Master. Master may be slightly softer. I like the fact that it's a different color wrapper than Master so no one else will run off with it and it's not $10 a cube..
Reviewed by Kingtankzzz
Kingtankzzz bought
"Triangle Blue Billiard Chalk"


The best chalk I have used. It give the cue ball more spin without as much power. It also lasts a long time and allows the player to feel comfortable taking criticle shots. Stick nicely and works well on any cue from a break jump to a shorty. Best used on playing cue. I will definitely buy more. Compared to master, silver cup, and other cheaper cue chalks it is simply the best. Works for snooker and any pocket billiards c
Reviewed by Ramiro86
Ramiro86 bought
"Triangle Blue Billiard Chalk"

Love it!

I started using this chalk when I found one on my grandfathers truck, he plays a lot. so I said what the heck I need one. I also tried the Masters and the Silver cup chalks but the Triangle has a smoother feel and controls better. I found the perfect chalk for my Cue. thanks Seyberts for your business and affordable price. Triangle Rock!!!
Reviewed by emily_lim2311

Good chalk

I personally like this chalk. It is more coarse than master chalk. It holds well onto tip too. Only problem is that it somehow makes the cueball to be more likely to be dirty and require more cleaning to remove those residual chalk particles.
Reviewed by hanicq

can't go wrong

been using blue triangle for about 6 yrs or so and i have no complaints about it. it does everything i need it to do. ive tried other brands of chalk and while some of the other high priced ones may require less frequent chalking, most players chalk up while thinking of what they are gonna do next so that makes it irrlevant with the more expensive ones cause they are still gonna be getting used between shots.
Reviewed by

Good Chalk

This is great chalk, covers well and is less pronounced on the ferrule and shaft than Masters and is, I find easier to clean off as well.
Reviewed by KenC

Triangle Chalk

I like this chalk best because it covers the tip very well and marks the cue less.

" i have deal with a few online billiards so in the past...and it seem like they just can not get my order right...i have had to send my order back many time a big fat afew months back i came cross Seyberts billiards online store so i decide to click on there page i saw how well organized they i said what the heck ..."

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