Tip Master 5 in 1 Tip Tool

Tip Master 5 in 1 Tip Tool
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5 in 1 Tip Master Pool Cue Tip Tool. Comes with 1 set of refills. COLORS MAY VARY IF PRODUCT COLOR PICKED IS OUT OF STOCK
PRICE: $24.94 $19.95
Product ID : TM61XX
Product ID: TM61XX
Color Options: Available
Tool Type: Diameter Trimmer
Tool Type: Shaper / Scuffer
Tool Type: Tapper
Tool Type: Tip Burnisher
Tool Type: Tip Pic

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Tip Master

  • Constructed from light weight aluminum measuring 3 inches long and 1 inch wide
  • Available in 3 colors Silver, Blue, and Hot Pink
  • The 5 tool include Nickel Shaper, Dime Shaper, Tip Scuffer, Tip Pick, and Tip Tapper
  • Comes with 1 free set of abrasive replacements

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Billiards4Fun78

Tip Tool 5 in 1

ok only issue was the tip burnisher did not work all it did was spin around, haded ask a friend who have one to use , other then that good use to reshape tip
Reviewed by nkush27
nkush27 bought
"Tip Master 5 in 1 Tip Tool"
at seyberts.com

Handy tool

Works great for maintaining a good tip on your cue! Don't hesitate to pick one up!
Reviewed by iwillforkyu@gmail.com
iwillforkyu@gmail.com bought
"Tip Master 5 in 1 Tip Tool"
at seyberts.com

Good little tool

for what you get with this tool, it works nicely. the sandpaper inserts don't last very long as after shaping 2 tips the disc was showing some good signs of where, along with the scuffer pad showing a good amount fo wear as well (the scuffer being used about 6 times total now) but for a pik/tapper tool it does pretty good. It does make a great backup tool if you need to reshape on the go
Reviewed by photoboy2005
photoboy2005 bought
"Tip Master 5 in 1 Tip Tool"
at seyberts.com

Love it!

I didn't know something like this was a thing until I see a veteran player using something like this a few weeks ago at my local hall. I looked into as soon as I got home. This things makes even the worst of tips hold chalk very well. It will also shape tips fantastic. This tool is pretty easy to figure out how to use, and when to use it!
Reviewed by carmen5503

Just buy this,

Got this for hoots and hollars when I got my Nitro, Just do the math, 6 tools for 20 bucks, try and find all six for $3 and some change, You won't. An it comes with replacement pads that are self stick. It's a great tool
Reviewed by Yawger

Best all in one tool!

I replaced all of my other tip tools with this one tool. All 6 features work brilliantly. Saves some space in my bag, and the billet aluminum looks great. If you are thinking of buying a tool for a single feature, do yourself a favor and just get yourself one of these to take care of ALL your tip maintenance needs.

"Thanks for your services, it was just in time. "

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