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Tip Glue Accelerator

Tip Glue Accelerator
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Tip Glue Accelerator. The absolute best spray accelarator for tip replacement or tip repair. Coat the tip with the Glue, spray the ferrule with the Accelerator and apply the tip to the ferrule. We then spray any glue that squeezes out with the accelerator and it hardens the glue making it very easy to cut off. The best glue we have ever found to tip replacement

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Product ID : QA6
Product ID: QA6

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Yawger

Great product

Use hand in hand with the glue, and it works perfectly. I have always used the spray accelerator with the glue, and it's never done me wrong so far. If for whatever reason you run out of accelerator and you still have glue this is the way to go. Does exactly what it says it does, and is great for anyone who wants to do their own tip replacement.

Something to think about is being able to try different types of tips. This makes it a little more affordable to exercise this option.

"REVO. . Just received a 12.4...also have a 12.9. Both are is not better than the other. The 12.9 is part of the SP2revo. I bought both the stand alone shaft and the SP2revo from Seyberts. I buy every cue from Seyberts. The service is fast, on time and properly packaged. I never received a damaged item due to poor packing from Seyber..."

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