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Special 'T' Tip Glue - Green Label

Special 'T' Tip Glue - Green Label
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Special 'T' gap-filling glue is very similar to honey. This super glue works great when you use it to bond your tip to your shaft, and it can fill larger gaps than our Super 'T' medium glue.
Product ID : HST7T
Product ID: HST7T

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by cirlbeck

Special T Glue

Excellent results with this glue. I use it with the accelerator and have had zero issues. I've glued many different types of tips from hard breaking tips to soft tips. I use it with the accelerator and have had zero issues. Also no problems with the glue drying out.
Reviewed by t7fce
t7fce bought
"Special 'T' Tip Glue - Green Label"

Tip Glue

Really bonds the tip to the shaft, especially fast if using an accelerant. Cap stays on tight to avoid drying out once opened. Don't need to cut much off nozzle at start, helps to keep usable over time.

"Once again the Seyberts’s crew delivered in record time. Ordered a JB Case on Friday received it on Saturday. You guys are awesome. "

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