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Special 'T' Glue & Accelerator Spray

Special 'T' Glue & Accelerator Spray
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Special 'T' Glue & Accelerator. The absolute best glue for tip replacement or tip repair. Coat the tip with the Glue, spray the ferrule with the Accelerator and apply the tip to the ferrule. We then spray any glue that squeezes out with the accelerator and it hardens the glue making it very easy to cut off. The best glue we have ever found to tip replacement

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by cirlbeck
cirlbeck bought
"Special 'T' Glue & Accelerator Spray"

Special T Glue and Accelerator

Excellent stuff. Have had no issues..
The spray stays active on the ferrule for a while so you don't have rush to get the tip on. Once you press on the tip it stays put.. The accelerator is a large can and will last for a long time. The glue will last a long time too. It only takes a small amount of each to get the job done..
Reviewed by papa_fox1
papa_fox1 bought
"Special 'T' Glue & Accelerator Spray"


Normally I use locktite ultra gel glue. This stuff is fast! 10 seconds and it's ready to shape. Used it to install break tip and 100 breaks later, no issues. Easy to use and not messy.
Reviewed by REddings
REddings bought
"Special 'T' Glue & Accelerator Spray"

Special 'T' glue & Accelerator Spray

I've only used this on 2 tip installs so far but I'm satisfied. The glue alone give you a great bond but add the Accelerator and it's instant. No more waiting around for your glue to cure. These to products combined is all you'll ever need.
Reviewed by r_s_pang
r_s_pang bought
"Special 'T' Glue & Accelerator Spray"

Great Combo

This glue and accelerant is a great combo. Both are high quality and won't let you down but you must becareful when using the accelerant as it can make the glue bubble up and cavitate if sprayed too closely.

The best way to use the accelerant is to spray a light mist at the glue from 10 inches away and in pulses.

I've change 5 tips so far with this product and touch wood, all tips are still going strong.
Reviewed by t7fce
t7fce bought
"Special 'T' Glue & Accelerator Spray"

Fast acting

Glue with the accelerator allow for very fast setting. Solid as a rock immediately after pressing tip firmly on ferrule. You can start trimming and shaping right away but I waited a few minutes to be sure and had no problems working on the tip. Glue comes in a good size bottle and will last through many tip replacements. Definitely worth the money to have no worries about tips staying in place.
Reviewed by zmuirbrook
zmuirbrook bought
"Special 'T' Glue & Accelerator Spray"

Great glue!

I have only replaced a couple tips so far, but this glue is great. They set almost instantly and haven't had a problem with any yet. I have also used this on a couple kids toys.
Reviewed by Yawger

Useful combo pack

If you are going to buy the glue you might as well get the accelerator with it. I've used this glue to replace tips before. It works very well. Specifically designed for this purpose. Haven't had a tip fly off using this glue, even breaking with a playing cue where I replaced the tip with this glue it was just fine.

For the price, this stuff will last you a long long time. Chances are better that you leave the top off the glue and it dries up before you actually use it all. It's a great product, and I highly recommend it if you are into doing your own cue maintenance.

"I called Seybert and Justin answered the phone, and the help I received was fantastic. I called with a list of questions (criteria) of what I wanted in a new cue, and I got just the direction I was hoping to get. If you are looking to buy a cue, but don't know exactly what you're looking for, call him. He's great!"

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