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Fiber Tip Pads

Fiber Tip Pads
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Pool Cue fiber tip pad. These tip pads come in choice of black, white, or red and are used to protect your ferrule. Tip pad thickness is .030".
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Product ID : QPAD
Product ID: QPAD
Tip Backing: Backed Tip

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Tip Pad Diameters

White 19mm
Black 14mm
Red 14mm


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Tixe100
Tixe100 bought
"Fiber Tip Pads"

Fiber pads

I’ve been using these for years. I’ll apply two if there isn’t one already present, so that when I sand the face of the shaft for a new tip, I don’t touch the ferrule.
They add a nice touch also. I’ve combined colors, and chosen the color based on the color of the tip and ferrule. My Samsara break shaft has a black ferrule and the hard leather break tip is almost black. The red line looks good.
Speaking of my Samsara break shaft—I’ve been using it for breaking and playing, also for years. It’s got the rigidity of a carbon shaft at half the price. English with a break tip? No problem, as long as it holds chalk, and you shoot straight. Surprised the hell out of me at first, but there it is.
Reviewed by ss5549
ss5549 bought
"Fiber Tip Pads"


It goes well with the tip,,,I'll use it well,,
Reviewed by prjct7
prjct7 bought
"Fiber Tip Pads"

Great for protecting ferrule

I got these to try out and they seem pretty good.

When you finish installing your tip and you begin burnishing, it will look incredibly nice and you'll have an extra layer of protection and adhesion.
Reviewed by Pods
Pods bought
"Fiber Tip Pads"

Fiber Tip Pads

Great protection for your ferrule. They machine easily.
Reviewed by REddings
REddings bought
"Fiber Tip Pads"

Great for ivory ferrules

These fiber pads are a must for any cues with ivory ferrules. They create a great cushion between the tip and ferrule. And I think they even make the cue play better. But most importantly they protect your ferrules.
Reviewed by wisnoskij
wisnoskij bought
"Fiber Tip Pads"


A very solid fiber pad. No idea if it improved my game or the cue, but it seems like a quality product.
Reviewed by ljhookem14
ljhookem14 bought
"Fiber Tip Pads"

Quality Fiber Pad

These fiber pads create a good cushioning system which will also restrict some resonance coming through the shaft.
Reviewed by [email protected]
[email protected] bought
"Fiber Tip Pads"

never again

i dont think ive ever had more tips pop off with these then without using them, honestly im going to stick with not using anything between the tip and ferule, but i could just have terrible luck with using these pads
Reviewed by P00L
P00L bought
"Fiber Tip Pads"

Solved my Problem

I have Mezz shafts with their proprietary ferrule composition and I couldn't get a tip to stay attached for more then 2 weeks before I used these pads.
Reviewed by Kavik79
Kavik79 bought
"Fiber Tip Pads"

works great

Adding a fiber tip pad was the only way I could get my Samsara break tip to stay on for more than a handful of breaks without popping off.

On a lathe the pads cut easier than the tip did. And they polished up very nicely on the edges.

Mine went like this: ferrule, black pad, red pad, tip. Gave a great look, considering the Samsara tip is practically black too, once the edges were burnished.

This is the only site I found that sold individually, and I didn't need to buy 30-50 at a time. Only downside is having to order something else at the same time, when you don't need anything else, just to make the shipping worthwhile
Reviewed by rhodleng
rhodleng bought
"Fiber Tip Pads"

protects the ferrule

if you want to protect your ferrule upon gluing your new tip, it's better to use this fibre tip pads on it. very affordable price and love the red color to give a distinct look on the cue..
Reviewed by bcno59
bcno59 bought
"Fiber Tip Pads"

fibre pads

great product, great buy. think tip may adhere better to this product than
putting tip directly to ferrule. heck, a quarter give it a try!

"hello rick.. my name is john mcnulty.. just got my schuler cue back that kj refinished and rewrapped... wanted to tell you it was spectacular .. wasnt planning on getting my cue done but he also refinished and rewrapped my wifes mcdermott and did spectacular work...i will not have any refinishing or rewrapping done anywhere else.... great price ..."

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