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Cue Top Sander

Cue Top Sander
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The Cue Top Sander quickly and professionally creates a perfectly flat and clean surface on top of your pool cue ferrule for efficient tip replacement. The Cue Top Sander is a must for high quality tip replacements.
PRICE: $24.95 $18.95
Product ID : 212DZ
Product ID: 212DZ
Tool Type: Tip Replacement

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by cirlbeck
cirlbeck bought
"Cue Top Sander"

Cue top sander

It has been working fine for me. . Alot better than the cheaper plastic one. I barely tighten the clamp to avoid damage to shaft. Following the advise of other reviewers has helped. I could see what others have said about shaft damage from tightening or unlevel sanding if placed on a taper. Only issue I've had is the wingnut failed and wouldn't tighten. I got a better one and had no other issues
Reviewed by cueistdale

older model

I have been using this sander for nearly 30 years. Perhaps it was made better back then than the current reviews indicate. I wrap a playing card or a business card around the shaft and never tighten the clamp completely down. For one thing, it needs to be loose enough for the shaft to be slowly rotated within the device to ensure an even application of the sandpaper. Since I don't have anything that does a better job, I'll give this product a "4."
Reviewed by P00L
P00L bought
"Cue Top Sander"

More Accurate than Tweeten

!st, I agree with most of the other reviews in that the quality of the casting and washers are poor. I have re-tipped cues for 30+ yrs and owned a previous model I lost in a flood. It was better made but that's like most things today. Anyway, that rant aside this is way more accurate then the Tweeten plastic sander and here's my findings. Put better, and flat washers on where needed. Use painters tape to protect the shaft, and turn slowly. Also like another reviewer said, move it 1/4 around the shaft every 5 strokes. Last, if the shaft is tapered then these sanders won't sand level.
Reviewed by devans71

Works if you use common since

I bought an older version back in 2005... It wasn't pretty… raw brass not painted, with some of the surfaces looking like they were cleaned up with a table grinder... I used common since... wrapped some painters tape around the shaft where the tool made contact to prevent indentations in the wood or ferrule. I also kept in mind that if you turn the sanding wheel in only one direction you will sand more on the leading edge of the ferrule because in will taper off on the back side… So I would move the wheel back and forth to prevent it from tapering… I also loosened the clamp and rotated the shaft a quarter turn every 5 strokes or so to further prevent tapering…. I have never had a tip come off unless my glue was contaminated and in most cases it was for special cases like extra hard tips for Jump/Break cues. This tool may not be pretty… but for the price it is worth it.
Reviewed by jnymrod

bad product

The casting is bad, it will leave marks on your shaft. You'd need to grind down the clamp and put some padding on it. I learned the hard way, putting it on 2 expensive shafts.
Reviewed by jnymrod

poorly made

The casting is bad. It leaves sharp protrusions on the clamp. I didn't look closely, and used it on 2 shafts, which now have very deep indentations on my shafts. You need to protect the shaft with something thick.

The sanded surface also looks a bit angled. If you don't have a pro taper shaft, that's possible. I think a flat sanding block is better, and just as "accurate" as this.
Reviewed by tank69
tank69 bought
"Cue Top Sander"

It'll work!

Haven't used one of these in 20+ years, but there isn't anyone in my area that I would trust to do a tip, so I ordered one of these until I can get a lathe. I found some clear hose in my tool box, cut it in half and used that to protect the jaws from digging into my shaft. After I cut the tip off, a few turns of the sander and my ivory ferrule was perfect for tip install. Glued up my Kamuii tip, trimmed and shaped...all by hand mind you and BAM, tip is fine, no shaft damage and I'll use it again if needed. You MUST be careful with this tool for it to work. If you are patient, it will do as intended.
Reviewed by chiuppy

Not great, but useful

I have the Rapid top sander for ~ a year and used it for changing ~100 tips. It is not perfect, you really have to be careful if you want to have flat ferrule, but it does the job. Don't forget - it costs less than a good tip.
The only bad thing is that you need to wrap something on the shaft before mounting the Rapid top sander, otherwise you are at risk of damaging the shaft.
Reviewed by ronis

Useful product

Bought it years ago and used to change my tips ever since. While it's not as perfect as lathe and requires caution, it does the job pretty well.
Reviewed by mlafaro

don't buy it

I agree with the other postings. It WILL put indentations in the shaft no matter how careful you are to not overtighten the tool. As mentioned in other postings, it also does a terrible job in creatng a flat surface on the ferrule. This will of course affect the amount of surface area there is when glueing the tip, and how well the adhesion is.
Reviewed by jeffb78

Not a fan

This product simply does not perform what you need it to do. It is somewhat difficult to use and the quality is poor. The clamp section that holds the cue in place can very easily put indentations in your shaft. The sandpaper does not stick to the wheel so it is constantly moving and tearing. Very difficult to get your ferule perfectly flat using this device.
Reviewed by JohnnyBanjo

Needs to be made stonger and more precise !!!!

The cue top sander lacks a bit of quality. I have had mine for years and it worked O.K. for awhile, but then I started having problems. I think this tool should be made stronger. The actual metal sanding plate should be made out of thicker stock. ( also the washers sent with this, that go on both sides of the disk are poor quality and not perfectly flat ) Mine developed a wobble from where the metal shaft bolts to the disk. This resulted in the outer edges of the ferulle being sanded deeper than the center of the cue shaft, so you end up with a convex suface and that's unacceptable. Also, the clamp that holds your shaft is poorly cast, so if you overtighten even slightly it will leave dents in a shaft. I had to install a protective lining on mine to avoid this problem but ultimately, I rarely use this tool anymore because of its multiple design flaws. I would gladly pay a few dollars more for a tool like this with better quality components. !

"I purchaced a "LUCASI LE61 Limited editition,9of 25.When I opened the box and pulled out the cue,I noticed the cue had a chip on the Butt..I called Seyberts and they were so helpful,In less then an hour,Seyberts had E-mailed aNEW Return UPS Shipping label,so they can replace the damaged one..I got my new one like in 4 days,very impressed with SE..."

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