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Tiger Pool Cues

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The Tiger Cues shown in this collection are a demonstration of a lifelong pursuit for exquisiteness in creative design and functionality. Finesse and durability are at the core of the Tiger Cues that Tiger Products manufacture. Advanced production techniques and fine workmanship by the most skilled craftsmen in the industry further ensures the quality of each Tiger Cue for years to come.

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Tiger X2 series is perhaps the most sophisticated, complex and the latest in using the…
Tiger Classic Series 2 Cues are built to last with quality and perfection
Tiger E series pool cues have a perfect balance and the same aerospace quality finished…
Tiger Traveler Series Cues are fully spliced Sneaky Pete designed cues. Tiger sneaky…
Tiger Carom Pool cues are built with high quality for consistency and performance necessary…
Tiger Break Cue High Performance Equipped with Tiger IB shaft, phenolic ferrule, leather jump…

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Tiger Classic II C22 With Ultra X Shaft
Item - C22-ULTRAX
Tiger Classic Series II C2-2 pool cue. This classic...

Tiger Classic II C23W Pool Cue
Item - C23W
Tiger Classic Series II C2-3W pool cue. This classic...

Tiger Impakt Break Cue
Item - IBC1
The Impakt SEV break cue is included with The Tiger Break...

Tiger Sneaky Pete TH-1 Pool Cue
Item - TH1-PROX
Tiger TH-1 pool cue features Sneaky Pete design in...

Tiger TH-1 With Wrap and PRO SHAFT
Tiger Traveler Series TH-1W pool cue. This Sneaky Pete...
$524.00 $524.00

Tiger E-3 - PRO X Shaft
Item - E3-PROX
Tiger E Series E-3 red pool cue. This cue has a red...

Tiger E-4 - Ultra LD Shaft
Tiger E Series E-4 green pool cue. This cue has a green...

Tiger E-5 - PRO X Shaft
Item - E5-PROX
Tiger E Series E-5 blue pool cue. This cue has a blue...

Tiger Sneaky Pete TH-5 Purpleheart With Ultra Shaft
Item - TH5-ULTRA
Tiger Traveler Series TH-5 pool cue. This Sneaky Pete...
$749.00 $599.20

Tiger Sneaky Pete TH-6 Ebony With Ultra Shaft
Item - TH6-ULTRA
Tiger Traveler Series TH-6 pool cue. This Sneaky Pete...
$849.00 $679.20

Tiger X2C-4 - Carom-X LD Pool Cue
Item - X2C4
Tiger cX2 Series cX2-4 carom cue. This cue as a 4...

Tiger X2C-2 - Carom-X Pro Pool Cue
Item - X2C2
Tiger CX2 Series CX2-2 Carom cue. This cue as a 8...

Tiger X2C-3 - Carom-X Pool Pool Cue
Item - X2C3
Tiger CX2 Series CX2-3 Carom cue.This cue as a 4...

Tiger Cue Icebreaker 2 "SEV" Jump Break No Wrap
Item - TJB
Icebreaker2 "SEV" Break/Jump Cue are equipped with...

Tiger Pool Cues - Impact Break Cue
Item - IBC
Impakt® High Performance Break Cue Each Impact break...

Tiger Wings Jump Cue
Item - WINGS
Tiger Wings jump cue, with lots of technology for added...


"100% satisfied. I was shopping for a predator and needed it here in 1 day . I found it on there website tues and it was in my hand wed by lunch time . All the way to Ms. Awesome job . I will spread the word and ill be ordering again soon. Thanks Brian "

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