The Drill Instructor

Dominic is a Professional Pool Instructor and Playing Coach who travels throughout the country doing exhibitions and BOOT CAMP pool clinics.  His persona is “The Drill Instructor.” The cartoon character created for “The Drill Instructor” can be seen throughout all of his materials. Dominic has produced an extensive series of books, DVDs, playing equipment,  and training aids.
The Drill Instructor B.R.A.C. Bank Rail Angle Calculator
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Discontinued The Drill Instructor Bank Rail Angle...
$34.95 $17.95
The Drill Instructor Escape Any Safety or Bad Roll Situation BOOK ONLY
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Discontinued The Drill Instructor 52 Advanced Shots...
$29.95 $14.95
The Drill Instructor Get Ball In Hand & Control The Table BOOK ONLY
Item - TDI4ABK
The Drill Instructor 55 Safety Drills Get Ball In Hand &...
$29.95 $24.95
The Drill Instructor Getting Straight In On The Winning Ball Book and DVD Set
Item - TDI9-Set-DIS
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Discontinued In this  DVD / Book Set The Drill...
$69.99 $24.95
The Drill Instructor Playing & Mental Consistency Skills Book / DVD
Item - TDI2A-DIS
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Discontinued The Drill Instructor Boot Camp Tactics...
$69.99 $34.95
The Drill Instructor Shooter's Journal Book
Item - TDI3BK
The Drill Instructor Shooter's Journal. This Shooter's...
$29.99 $17.99
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"Tried the LUX LZE9. Not only did I test this cue out my first day at a tournament making it to round 4 against level 5-8 players and I'm ranked a 2 playing with NO HANDICAP, I have to say that this is a GAME CHANGER! And Seybert's has been able to accommodate my needs with rewrap, any returns or exchanges, seamless communication, and amazing pr..."

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