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Taom PYRO Blue Chalk - 1 Piece

Taom PYRO Blue Chalk - 1 Piece
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Taom PYRO Light Blue Cue Tip Chalk. Pyro chalk was developed for pool, pyramid and carom. A new technology is designed for heavier balls, found by pool pros, saying it´s the best chalk in the game. Tested and recommended by many professionals. Maximum grip with a clean touch on the ball. No residue. Piece measure 1 inch wide by 5/8 inch thick and is price is for by the piece.
PRICE: $22.95 $18.95
Product ID : TCHPYRO
Color: Blue

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by cirlbeck
cirlbeck bought
"Taom PYRO Blue Chalk - 1 Piece"

Taom pyro

Great chalk..
Not messy at all. Nice that there is no dust on the ball or on the table. Personally I wish it was a little larger. It does seem to last a long time.
Reviewed by stevegunn
stevegunn bought
"Taom PYRO Blue Chalk - 1 Piece"

No cling shots and lasts forever

I've now shot many, many thousands of shots with this chalk and haven't had a single annoying cling/kick shot that will end a potential run out! Also, I'm still using the same chalk. This stuff seems to last forever and it's not the least bit messy. Well worth the price!
Reviewed by Poopa
Poopa bought
"Taom PYRO Blue Chalk - 1 Piece"


I purchased a piece of Toam Pyro with the hopes of reducing the amount of chalk that ended up everywhere other than the cue tip. My practice sessions include stroke drills where all the balls are used as cue balls. After that portion of practice is over I would have to wipe the chalk off all the balls to avoid “cling”. And after practicing my break with a Super Aramith Pro Cup cue ball, the cue ball would look like a speckled egg with measles. With the Toam Pyro no more wiping, no more speckles. And it will work on phenolic tips. I just rough the tips up a little with a Tip Master 5 in 1 tip tool (nickel shaper) and no problem. Yes, it’s a little pricey (OK, a lot pricey). And I hope it lasts as long as some reviewers say it will. But it is so much cleaner than the chalk I was using (the most popular chalk out there). Just keep an eye on it. It’s not the kind of chalk that you’ll have 5 more pieces in your case.
Reviewed by timseal
timseal bought
"Taom PYRO Blue Chalk - 1 Piece"

Worth the money because it lasts forever

I used nothing else for six months, and it hardly looks used at all.
Unfortunately I lost it somewhere so am buying another.
You have to grind it a bit at the very start, which was weird.
Often with normal chalk I'll have loads of blue smears on my hands and in my pocket.. but this did not crumble one bit. It doesn't make you a better player, obviously, but it does go on the tip and only there. Worth every penny.
Reviewed by 508720
508720 bought
"Taom PYRO Blue Chalk - 1 Piece"

A Perfect Chalk

Taom Pyro chalk is amazing. I have used a zillion different makes of chalk over the years. This is a the best. Perfect adhesion to the cue tip. The chalk stays on the tip and off the cue ball. What else can you ask for.
Reviewed by philpanz
philpanz bought
"Taom PYRO Blue Chalk - 1 Piece"

FINALLY!! The chalk I've waited decades for!

I've tried but passed on all the other expensive chalks for two reasons: (1) they leave blue chalk on the cue ball which increases cling/kick; and (2) I was never looking for a magic bullet so I could only chalk up every 37 shots. If I'm more than a half-tip off center I'm chalking up every time.
This chalk has a much better texture than Master; goes on soft, but not too soft. It does NOT leave marks on the ball!! This is a game-changer, and many world-class 3-cushion players are now using it.
I have not tried to see how many shots I can go without miscueing -- that's irrelevant, and "chalking laziness" WILL cost you at the worst possible time. Just one or two very light swipes every shot or two is all you need (paint, don't twist/squeak).
The round shape may feel odd, but you get used to it quickly. It also perfectly matches the increasingly standard Simonis Tournament Blue cloth. Highly recommended -- try it!!
Reviewed by ljhookem14
ljhookem14 bought
"Taom PYRO Blue Chalk - 1 Piece"

PYRO (great for playing cue - layered tip) but not good for Break/Jump!

I must confess, I like buying many many different chalks and this PYRO is a great PLAYING TIP CHALK.

I don’t however recommend you buying this if you plan to use it just for your break/jump/break-jumps cues

It goes on EXCELLENT on layered playing shaft/tips but it’s very difficult to put on non-layered break tips. Very difficult.

The best premium chalk for your break and break/jump tips is G2 or old style .98-Kamui.

If your looking for a very good layered-tip chalk then PYRO is a solid choice.
Reviewed by REddings
REddings bought
"Taom PYRO Blue Chalk - 1 Piece"

Best Ever!

I've been playing with this Taom PYRO chalk for the last couple of days and I've gotta say this is the best chalk I have ever used. I chalk once a rack playing 9 ball with no miscues. It doesn't mark up the cue ball or table. After I chalk my cue I have a habit of tapping the end of the shaft on the side of my hand to knock off any excess chalk. This is the first chalk where nothing comes off after I tap it. All other chalks always has excess. I'm utterly amazed at Taom PYRO! If I could give it 10 stars I would. Do yourself a favor if your looking to try a new chalk and buy this stuff. You will not be disappointed.

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for getting my new Predator to me quickly and professionally. It was a pleasure doing business with you, and I will be sure to recommend and consider your services again in the future. Sincerely, Nathan Yamuder"

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