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Taom 2.0 Green Chalk - 1 Piece

Taom 2.0 Green Chalk - 1 Piece
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Taom 2.0 Green chalk for all types of snooker tips. The advanced soft compound creates more grip, and the chalk is easier to use. Perfect for players who seek maximum spin and control for high cue power. A clean touch, no residue. Enjoy kick free experience.
PRICE: $22.95 $18.95
Product ID : TCHG2.0G
Product ID: TCHG2.0G
Color: Green

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Hooterd
Hooterd bought
"Taom 2.0 Green Chalk - 1 Piece"

Best chalk I've used

This stuff has changed the way that I chalk. I'm absolutely flabbergasted by the negative reviews because my experience with this chalk has been life changing. I chalk ONCE when I get to the pool hall for league nights. I'll play for about 45 minutes to an hour warm up on one chalking. When I start my matches, I'll do a little touch up that probably isn't even necessary. The only times I miscue are because of bad stroking or allowing my tip to become too smooth from lack of maintenance. It's never been because of the chalk. I play with a kamui clear black hard on an OB pro+. As long as my tip is properly shaped and scuffed, I have no problems. Since so little is needed, my home table stays very clean. My balls stay very clean with almost none transfering to the cue ball. My shaft stays cleaner longer. Gone are the days of chalk covered hands.
Reviewed by vsmavs23
vsmavs23 bought
"Taom 2.0 Green Chalk - 1 Piece"

Thumbs down

This chalk is tied for worst with navigator rock hard just a pure scam of a product. Doesn't hold any chalk unless you have about 20 minutes between shots
Reviewed by jalexander529
jalexander529 bought
"Taom 2.0 Green Chalk - 1 Piece"

Not a Bad choice

I have used Lava, Kamui, Predator and Balabushaka chalks over the years and Taom chalk can stand with some of them. This chalk is a good chalk, but is lacking in longevity. I find my self chalking a little more than I would with predator or kamui, but it is still a good product and I don't mind having to use it a little more. Besides that, I do like the green color and the shape.

"After days of deliberations and nervousness I finally pulled the trigger on my new Schon Elite and my new Instroke Case yesterday. To my surprise it was at my doorstep TODAY. I couldn't have made a better choice or company to buy it from. Everything was as expected and then some. I just have to say you have earned a customer for life and I will ..."

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