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McDermott Break - Jump - Jump Break Cues

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McDermott Cues offers some of the most powerful Break and Jump / Break cues available on the market today featuring the powerful Sledgehammer Break cue and for those that prefer the combination Jump / Break cue the Stinger Jump Break Cue. The Stinger Jump Break Cue features an enormous sweet spot with powerful break and jumping capabilities. Both cues feature McDermotts patented ferrule technology for explosive energy transfer into the cue ball. 

Sledgehammer Break Cue With Sports Wrap
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Item - SH1
Sledgehammer break cue with sports wrap. Sledgehammer is...
$350.00 $315.00

Stinger NG01
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Item - NG01
McDermott NG01 Stinger jump Break Cue - This Stinger NG01...
$285.00 $256.50

Stinger NG01 With Wrap
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Item - NG01W
Stinger NG01 jump / break cue with Irish linen wrap. The...
$305.00 $274.50

Stinger NG05 w/jump handle
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Item - NG05
The NG05 comes with an extra 12 inch jump butt for those...
$405.00 $364.50

Stinger NG06 Jump / Break Cue
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Item - NG06
McDermott Stinger NG06 Is all black with yellow Stinger...
$285.00 $256.50

Stinger NG07 Jump / Break Cue
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Item - NG07
McDermott Stinger NG07 jump / break cue has a black...
$285.00 $256.50

Stinger NG08 Jump / Break Cue
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Item - NG08
McDermott Stinger NG08 jump / break cue has a a...
$320.00 $288.00

McDermott Stinger Jump Handle
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Item - 75STUB
12" black 3/8 x 10 thread Stinger jump handle

"Rick, FYI, the 314-2 shaft arrived from UPS today. You did a very good job of hitting my specs, thanks. I came through in fine shape. The grain was raised a little, I presume from all the humidity while traveling. A little 1000 grit sandpaper and a piece of burnishing leather took care of that. Plays great. A little stiffer than the old..."

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