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Sport Series 2x2 Blue / Silver Case

Sport Series 2x2 Blue / Silver Case
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Fore! This golf-inspired 2 butt/2 shaft case features a generous, well-positioned pocket large enough to hold all your necessities--your cell phone, chalk, and even a towel. The pocket even has a ring to hold your keys or attach your towel. The inside has a hard PVC shell with silk-lined sleeves to eliminate moisture that can warp your cues. This high-quality Pro Series case also features a super-comfortable extra wide strap, comfort grip handles on both the top and side and turn-buckle closure. Sport Series cases are made out of the same sporty, water resistant fabrics found in top-branded golf bags.
PRICE: $153.99 $74.95
Product ID : SB2022B
Product ID: SB2022B
Cue Configuration: 2 Butts - 2 Shafts
Interior Length: 31"
Exterior Material: Vinyl
Case Type: Hard Case
Exterior Dimensions: 34" X 5"
Case Shape: Oval
Handle Location: Side Handle
Shoulder Strap: Back Strap
Pockets: 2 Pockets
Top Pocket Size: 4" X 6"
Bottom Pocket Size: 3" X 14"
Loading Direction: Bi-Directional
Interior Design: Tubed Interior
Lid Closure: Zippered
Warranty Info: 1 Year

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by shooter365
shooter365 bought
"Sport Series 2x2 Blue / Silver Case"

Great style miniscule quality flaw

I was impressed with the golf style and color pattern. Part of my second order ever from Seyberts. The case looks made of good quality and has lux style faux fur strap and case feet. Only minor issue were a few minisculd dent impressions or small scuffs upon unboxing. Nothing major that would impede from protecting cues and accessories. Seyberts took care of handling my concern and compensated me fairly. Would still recommend if restocked with some slight caution
Reviewed by tedpool
tedpool bought
"Sport Series 2x2 Blue / Silver Case"

Great looks, function, and durability!

I've had this Pro Series Sport 2x2 case for a few months now and it's well worth the price. I moved up from a Pro Series "Traditional" 2x2 case and there is a night-and-day difference between them. Comparing a fifty dollar case to one that costs more than twice as much isn't really fair, but the point is that you get what you pay for here. Everything from the vinyl to the zippers to the strap are WAY better on the Sport series. I used to play golf years ago and was drawn to the cool looks of this case. In reality, the silver is a little brighter and more reflective than the images here show. The blue and black in the photos are accurate though. The pockets are generously sized and hold all my accessories. In the top pocket, I have a Q-claw, a bowtie shaper/scuffer, a leather burnisher, and my APA card. In the bottom pocket, I keep a small hand towel, a tube of Predator chalk, a shaft slicker, a small bottle of hand chalk and a few pens with room to spare. The interior cue sections are the "tube" style which I prefer over the "divider" style in some other cases. I never worry about my cues getting damaged, and even though the case has fallen over a few times, it kept everything inside safe and organized. The heavily-padded shoulder strap is downright luxurious compared to the simple woven nylon strap on my previous case. It doesn't cut into or slide off my shoulder when walking around, and the length adjusting buckle stays put after you set it. Lastly, the four feet on the bottom allow the case to stand up on its own, but I'd still recommend you hang it or lean it somewhere safe while playing. I'm sure this case will serve my needs for a very long time.

"Wow you guys are great! Thank you so much for you Customer service and attention. You are truly second to none! To have my order taken and shipped with in hours, then tracked to my address and The minute I signed for my item, (which by the way was packed incredible for shipping) Have this thank you email on my computer. Thank you to all of..."

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