Snooker Cues

Snooker pool cues, high quality, low prices.
Elite Snooker Cue 04
Item - ELSNK04
Elite Snooker Pool Cue - With a fluid absorbing hit and...
$89.00 $80.10
BCE Black Metallic Snooker Cue
Item - ER70
BCE ER70 black metallic snooker cue. This cue has a...
$59.95 $44.96
BCE Signature Series Mark Selby Snooker Cue
Item - RSC5MC
BCE RSC-5MC Signature Series Mark Selby Snooker...
$229.95 $160.96

Dufferin DS301 Snooker Cue
Item - DS301
Dufferin DS301 Snooker cue. The butt is 16 inches and is...
$79.99 $55.99
Dufferin DS313 Snooker Cue
Item - DS313
Dufferin DS313 Snooker cue. The butt is 16 inches and is...
$79.99 $47.99
Dufferin DS511 St. Paul Snooker Cue with Extension
Item - DS511
Dufferin DS511 St. Paul Series Snooker cue. The butt is...
$159.99 $95.99
Riley Burwat Gold RBG-5 Snooker Cue
Item - RBG5
Riley Burwat Gold RBG-5 Limited Edition snooker...
$249.95 $212.46

Riley Legends Series Ken Doherty Snooker Cue
Item - RLG1
Riley RGL-1 Legend  Series Ken Doherty Snooker...
$151.99 $121.59
Scorpion Snooker Cue
Item - SCSNK
Scorpion Snooker 57" cue with Ash shaft, 10mm tip has a...
$195.00 $175.50

What Our Customers Have To Say
"Dear Rick, the SP 1404 arrived yesterday by UPS in a perfect condition. Many thanks again for the perfect service, the price and especially for your time to answer my questions and the phonecalls I made. Seyberts is realy one of the those stores for which satisfaction of the customer is the one and only point of biz. As more as a cus..."

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