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Simonis Cloth 860 HR - Tournament Blue

Simonis Cloth 860 HR - Tournament Blue
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Simonis HR (High Resistance)is the most durable commercial-grade billiard cloth made. Heavier than 760 and like the standard 860 cloth it is napless and tough as nails, yet still providing the true Simonis roll for consistent true play. 

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Includes Bed And Rail Cloth - Rail Cutting Instructions - Table Spot

Product ID : 860HRTB
Product ID: 860HRTB
Primary Colors: Blue
Stain Resistance: Natural Resistance
Speed: Fast
Finish: Worsted
Blend: 70% Wool / 30% Nylon

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Simonis Billiards is the only textile mill in the world solely dedicated to the production of cue-sports cloth. Simonis cue-sports cloths features a worsted wool construction making Simonis Cloths very strong and very durable while maintaining the best possible playing surface.

Why worsted construction for pool? Decades ago, worsted billiard cloth was found to be the best possible playing surface for pool and carom. The smooth, flat surface of Simonis worsted cloth does not "shed" (release random short fibers from the weave) or "pill" (the bunching of the short fibers on the play surface). This can also lead to grooves or tracks forming in the cloth, negatively impacting play because the roll is negatively affected by those problems. Most of the world has changed to worsted cloths for the superior characteristics of accuracy, consistency and durability, but sub-standard woolens or "felts" are still commonly available in the U.S. market, usually as the basic cloth that "comes with the table". So be sure to ask for Simonis cloth. A small investment now will bring years of better play, longer life, and increased enjoyment!


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by bignick31985

Tournament Blue 860HR

Best there is, end of story. Dont spend your hard earned $$$ on any other cloth if you enjoy the game.
Reviewed by nickisnoob
nickisnoob bought
"Simonis Cloth 860 HR - Tournament Blue"

Good quality

Premium table cloth, good roll and speed.

Used for 9 ball
Reviewed by casper980


Had the 860HR installed by Kory at Seyberts. First word that comes to mind is WOW!! First off Kory did an amazing job leveling the table perfect and installing the cloth! The Simonis cloth is awesome! The speed is perfect! I feel like I am playing on a professional table now!! The draw I am able to put on the cue ball is incredible, the old felt isn't scrubbing off the spin anymore! The combination of playing on a perfectly level table and the 860HR has put a big smile on my face every time I get down on the shot. Love the Tournament Blue color really makes the table look nice! Simonis and Seyberts for the install...perfect combination!! Thank you Kory!!

"JT, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased I was with you. I decided to get a new cue and was looking online for the best price. I found your site and I had never heard of it, but you easily had the best price. I decided to take a chance and ordered the Predator 9-3. I was tickled when it showed up only 3 days later and..."

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