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Simonis 760 Cloth - Tournament Blue

Simonis 760 Cloth - Tournament Blue
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Simonis 760 Tournament Blue Pool Table Billiard Cloth is designed for higher ball speed in games such as bank pool, straight pool, and one pocket. Free Shipping in the continental US.

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Includes Bed And Rail Cloth - Rail Cutting Instructions - Table Spot

Product ID : 760TB
Product ID: 760TB
Primary Colors: Blue
Stain Resistance: Natural Resistance
Speed: Very Fast
Finish: Worsted
Blend: 70% Wool / 30% Nylon

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Simonis 760 is a combed worsted wool cloth with a high thread count to ensure a superior longer lasting wear. Simonis 760 is a nap free cloth that will not pill up, fluff up or shed providing the smoothest, truest roll possible. Higher speed cloth designed for Bank Pool, Straight Pool and One Pocket.


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Yawger

Best cloth I've seen on a bar box

My home bar for my league has Diamond tables with this felt on it. I have to say it's the best cloth I've ever played on a bar box. Rolls really smooth and fast. I believe they use this cloth when we play at nationals in Vegas as well which attests to how great the felt is. The color is awesome, it contrasts with the balls nicely making it easy for your eyes to see the edges of the balls. Simonis is synonymous with excellence for good reason.

"10/10 happy to deal with your team ! quick support, quick shipping, great experience "

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