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Earn Seybert’s Bucks with Every Purchase at

How does it work?

First create a user account and then simply log into your account at You must have an account and be logged in for us to track your Seyberts bucks balance. Every order you place from there on out (while logged into your account) will add to your Seybert’s Bucks Balance. YOU MUST HAVE AN ACCOUNT AND BE LOGGED IN FOR US TO TRACK YOUR SEYBERT'S BUCKS BALANCE.

Shop as normal and as you add items to your shopping cart, your Seyberts Bucks will start to build. The amount of bucks you will receive varies depending on the products you order but we believe you will be pleasantly happy with the results! A running total of the bucks you are earning can be seen in your shopping cart dropdown on the top right of every page on our site.

After you have placed your and it is processed and completed in our system, you will receive your Seyberts bucks for that order in your account. These newly earned bucks can be used on your next order at

Log into your account where you can view your balance and other information in your account. The available bucks balance is also in the upper left corner of next to your login information. With Seybert's Bucks in your account, you are welcome to use your Seyberts Bucks on your next order thereby reducing the cost of your order. Or, if you wish, you can save them up over a period of time and use them all at once. It is your choice!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I redeem my Seybert’s Bucks?
During checkout of your next order you will notice a Seybert’s Bucks Redemption bottom on the right of the page under the header “Order Summary”. Click the Redeem button and your available Seybert’s Bucks will be applied to your order.

How many Seybert’s Bucks Do I Have?
You can check the amount of Seybert’s Bucks in your account by logging into your account on our website and then clicking on “My Account” from the  top header across the top of the site. From there, click on the “Seybert’s Bucks” link at the bottom of the menu. From the Seybert’s Bucks page you can view all the Bucks information available such as what order you received bucks on, what order you used bucks on and other important information.

I had a bunch of bucks in my account… and now they are gone. What happened?
Seybert’s Bucks can be stored and used in your online account for up to a year. Seybert’s Bucks will expire and be removed from your account one year from the date of the order that provided the bucks. So, don’t forget to use them up. There is a ton of stuff on our site that you can use your bucks on or, in some cases get them for free.

Can I use my Seybert's Bucks on shipping charges?
No, Seybert's Bucks can only be applied to purchases of products on our website. Bucks cannot be used to reduce or eliminate the cost of shipping. Remember though, any order with an ending balance of over $49.95 at ships free in the continental US.

Can I get Bucks when I order over the phone?
Unfortunately, our shopping cart is set up with the Bucks tracking capabilities. In order for you to receive and use bucks you must have an online account and you must be logged in and place your order though our shopping cart when purchasing or when using your Bucks on your orders.

I placed an order last month over the phone and did not get any bucks… Can you add them to my account?
Sorry, we are unable to retro-actively add bucks to an account after an order is placed. To be part of our Bucks program, you have to have an account and be logged in while checking out so we can track your Seybert’s Bucks with our system.

I am using some of my bucks on a new order… Will I still get bucks on the products I am ordering now?
You bet, you get buck on everything you purchase online at any time, even if you use bucks to purchase with. So, if you are buying a $100.00 item with $100.00 bucks you have in your account you will not only get your order for free, you will receive a new batch of bucks for your new $100.00 order.

Questions - Drop us a call toll free at 1-877-314-2837 or visit this page


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