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Schon STL1 Exotic Pool Cue

Schon STL1 Exotic Pool Cue
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Schon Cues STL1 Exotic Cue is Light Rosewood and is trimmed with nickel silver and checkered rings. Schon Cues come standard with a stainless steel joint and a hard rock maple shaft. Please Note - Stains Color, Inlay Material, and butt cap color may be different than that show. Schon Cues policy is to use a variety of different stains, inlays materials, and butt colors to help ensure the uniqueness of each cue. The actual cue design will remain the same.
PRICE: $719.00 $647.10

Product ID : STL1E
Product ID: STL1E
Default Tip: Schon Tip
Cue Type: Play Cue
Shaft Type: Schon Cues Shaft
Joint Type: Schon 5/16 X 14
Shaft Diameter: 13mm
Shaft Length: 29 Inch
Shaft Taper: Gradual Rise Pro Taper
Joint Collar: Stainless
Cue Wrap: Irish Linen Wrap
Wood Type: Maple - Birdseye
Warranty: Lifetime

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Please Note - Stains Color, Inlay Material, and butt cap color may be different than that show. Schon Cues policy is to use a variety of different stains, inlays materials and butt colors to help insure the uniqueness of each cue. Actual cue design will remain the same.


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by melead
melead bought
"Schon STL1 Exotic Pool Cue"

Schon Review

This is my first purchase from Seyberts. (phenomenal customer service by the way) and I purchased this STL-1. The package arrived on time and well secured in a cardboard tube with bubble wrap. I had the shaft reduced to 12.75mm and the tip changed to a Kamui Black Soft Clear.

I have to say this cue is everything you expect with a schon. Exceptional build quality, zero aesthetic issues, and a perfect on the joint. The shaft was just a bit rough from the reduction. But a little leather burnisher did the job to make it feel like smooth glass.

One note: The cue's picture shows a distinctive brown finish on the cue, and the one I received looks more like a clear coat finish on a standard maple shaft. It's still beautiful and I have grown to like it even more than the color I thought I purchased. To seybert's credit the description does say the color may not match the picture, so I expected as such.

Finally the smooth crisp hit and the great balance of the cue is exactly what I have been looking for since deciding to upgrade from a Mcdermott Star cue. The cue's hit is crisp and yet a little muted ,but that is almost certainly due to the soft tip I added to cue, and I very much like it.

Excellent purchase from Seyberts, and I will return.
Reviewed by seiyul

Schons are outstanding

I bought a Schon 20-some years ago, one like this but a version which has a dark grey stain. About 12 years ago I combined it with a Predator 314 shaft and Kamui Black tip, and it is an unbeatable cue.
Reviewed by Binglapu

Schon stl-1

In response to the first review, I have recently 'broken in' 3 Schon shafts, one of which was from Seyberts, and they all felt a little rough when I first got them. I used the leather side of my qwiz every time I played for the first week, and it smoothed right out. My theory is that the grain needs to get filled with something (sweat, q silk, shaft conditioner) before it will become smooth. The heat from the qwiz seems to speed the process along. Small price to pay for an awesome cue. I'd rather break it in myself than have a layer of wax on it like I've seen in other cues.
Also, I am a believer in 'more inlays = less solid hit'. I owned a schon cx cue before my stl-1. Although the cx still played better than any other production cue in my opinion, the stl-1 hands down plays way better.
Reviewed by Jangelo


This is my first Schon cue. It's beautifully made, has a solid hit, and the balance is very good. While I have only played with it for a few days now, I'm getting better action on my hits then with my others cues. This Schon is definitely a step up from other cues I have played with.

One minor complaint: I had the shaft taken down from the standard 13mm to 12.5mm. But they didn't smooth the shaft out; it had a fairly rough finish that I had to spend sometime smoothing out.
Reviewed by abfloyd1971

schon cues

i have owned several schon cues and love the hit.if you want a cue with a stiff straight hit it is the cue for you.i have never been bothered by the price because to me you get your moneys worth with this cue.

"Thank you for stepping up and solving the problem, you want way beyond the call of duty. If anyone is considering buying any billiard supplies, go no further. You can tell a quality company buy what they do when there is a problem, you have a quality company. Thanks for your great service, Rick"

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