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Schon Cues STL Series

Schon STL is a collection of 21 cues which are the classic favorites from all our years of cuemaking, a combination of the R series, the SP series, the SL series and the ST series.

Schon STL1 Pool Cue
Item - STL1
Schon Cues STL1 Cue is a Light Stained Birdseye maple cue...
$719.00 $647.10

Schon STL1 Rosewood Pool Cue
Item - STL1R
Schon Cues STL1 Rosewood Cue is Dark Rosewood and is...
$719.00 $647.10

Schon STL2 Pool Cue
Item - STL2
Schon Cues STL2 has a natural birdseye Maple forearm with...
$735.00 $661.50

Schon STL4 Pool Cue
Item - STL4
The Schon STL4 has a birdseye maple forearm with 4 ebony...
$765.00 $688.50

Schon STL6 Pool Cue
Item - STL6
Schon STL6 has medium stained Birdseye maple forearm with...
$940.00 $846.00

Schon STL7 Pool Cue
Item - STL7
The Schon STL7 has a medium stained Birdseye Maple...
$965.00 $868.50

Schon STL8 Pool Cue
Item - STL8
Schon STL8 has a Birdseye maple forearm with 4 Ebony and...
$1,025.00 $922.50

Schon STL9 Pool Cue
Item - STL9
Schon STL9 has a Birdseye maple forearm with 4 Ebony with...
$1,070.00 $963.00

Schon STL11 Pool Cue
Item - STL11
Schon STL11 has a Birdseye Maple Forearm with 4 Ebony and...
$1,250.00 $1,125.00

Schon STL12 Pool Cue
Item - STL12
Schon STL12 has a Birdseye Maple forearm with 4 split...
$1,315.00 $1,183.50

Schon STL15 Pool Cue
Item - STL15
Schon STL15 has a Birdseye Maple forearm with 6 Ebony...
$1,395.00 $1,255.50

Schon STL16 Pool Cue
Item - STL16
Schon STL16 has a Birdseye Maple forearm with 4 Ebony...
$1,485.00 $1,336.50

Schon STL3 Pool Cue
Item - STL3
The Schon STL3 has a light stained Birdseye Maple forearm...
$765.00 $688.50

Schon STL5 Pool Cue
Item - STL5
Schon STL5 has a Birdseye maple forearm with 4 Ebony...
$925.00 $832.50

Schon STL18 Pool Cue
Item - STL18
Schon STL18 has a Birdseye Maple forearm with 4 Cocobolo...
$1,760.00 $1,584.00

Schon Cues are a standard 58" cue.

Weights range from 18.5 oz. to about 21 oz.
Extra lengths may be obtained by use of a longer shaft.
The cue butts are built on a special hybrid core of laminated woods.
All materials are of high integrity ,white inlays are elephant ivory, black is ebony, etc.
Schon Custom Cues utilize a Phenolic lined stainless steel joint and stainless steel pin.
Butt plates are made of high impact delrin.
The joint is piloted and mates with a phenolic cushioned brass insert on the shaft.
Shafts are available in diameter from 13mm to 12mm and in length from 29" to 30".
Schon Cues ferrules are offered in two styles, the standard Schon ferrules and elephant ivory ferrules.
Tips are Schons own special Schon cue tips.


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