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Schon Cues STL Series

Schon STL is a collection of 21 cues which are the classic favorites from all our years of cuemaking, a combination of the R series, the SP series, the SL series and the ST series.

Schon STL1 Pool Cue
Item - STL1
Schon Cues STL1 Cue is a Light Stained Birdseye maple cue...
$719.00 $647.10

Schon STL1 Rosewood Pool Cue
Item - STL1R
Schon Cues STL1 Rosewood Cue is Dark Rosewood and is...
$719.00 $647.10

Schon STL2 Pool Cue
Item - STL2
Schon Cues STL2 has a natural birdseye Maple forearm with...
$735.00 $661.50

Schon STL3 Pool Cue
Item - STL3
The Schon STL3 has a light stained Birdseye Maple forearm...
$765.00 $688.50

Schon STL4 Pool Cue
Item - STL4
The Schon STL4 has a birdseye maple forearm with 4 ebony...
$765.00 $688.50

Schon STL5 Pool Cue
Item - STL5
Schon STL5 has a Birdseye maple forearm with 4 Ebony...
$925.00 $832.50

Schon STL7 Pool Cue
Item - STL7
The Schon STL7 has a medium stained Birdseye Maple...
$965.00 $868.50

Schon STL8 Pool Cue
Item - STL8
Schon STL8 has a Birdseye maple forearm with 4 Ebony and...
$1,025.00 $922.50

Schon STL9 Pool Cue
Item - STL9
Schon STL9 has a Birdseye maple forearm with 4 Ebony with...
$1,070.00 $963.00

Schon STL12 Pool Cue
Item - STL12
Schon STL12 has a Birdseye Maple forearm with 4 split...
$1,315.00 $1,183.50

Schon STL15 Pool Cue
Item - STL15
Schon STL15 has a Birdseye Maple forearm with 6 Ebony...
$1,395.00 $1,255.50

Schon STL16 Pool Cue
Item - STL16
Schon STL16 has a Birdseye Maple forearm with 4 Ebony...
$1,485.00 $1,336.50

Schon STL18 Pool Cue
Item - STL18
Schon STL18 has a Birdseye Maple forearm with 4 Cocobolo...
$1,760.00 $1,584.00

Schon STL6 Pool Cue
Item - STL6
Schon STL6 has medium stained Birdseye maple forearm with...
$940.00 $846.00

Schon STL11 Pool Cue
Item - STL11
Schon STL11 has a Birdseye Maple Forearm with 4 Ebony and...
$1,250.00 $1,125.00


"Sid, My cue arrived yesterday and I picked it up from the post office today. She's beautiful...Thanks so much and a big thanks to Pops too. Margaret Philpot"

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