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Schon Cues Limited Edition & Special Edition Cues

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Since 1999 Schon Cues have limited their production of LTD special edition cues to 12 each. Beginning in 2013 Schon Cues started offering the LTD in production of 25 to accommodate the increase in demand on these cues. Beautifully crafted and made in the USA. The Schon SP Series is a limited run of cues of varying quantities.

Schon Elite E79 Pool Cue
Item - E79
Schon Elite E79 pool cue. This cue has a Birdseye...
$1,700.00 $1,360.00

Schon Limited Edition LTD2305 Pool Cue
Item - LTD2305
Schon Limited Edition LTD2305 pool cue. This cue has a...
$1,341.00 $1,341.00

Schon STL13M True Spliced Limited Edition Pool Cue
Item - STL13M
The Schon STL13M True Spliced Limited Edition Pool Cue is...
$1,450.00 $1,305.00

Schon Special Edition Cue BW3
Item - BW3
Schon SP BW3 Special Edition pool cue has a medium stain...
$875.00 $738.75

Schon Limited Edition LTD2207 Pool Cue
Item - LTD2207
Schon Limited Edition LTD1805 pool cue. This cue has a...
$1,405.00 $1,124.00


" Oh yeah, I think in my last post i forgot to mention that the cue was a Kj, and that it was so Great! Tell Kj that I define his Cues as "Shere Perfection"!! And that a freind and I consider him as a "Master Cuemaker"! Thanks.... Greg"

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