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Hot Deal Billiard Supply Specials  
Browse our deeply discounted Hot Deal Sales categories below for some of the largest savings on our billiard items. The items are below are in very limited supply and cannot be re-stocked at this price. So get while the getting is good. Shop Now! Limited Quantities - While Supplies Last

OB Plus Pro Partial No Joint Cue Shaft
Hot Deal
Discontinued OB+ Pro Partial is a High Performance Cue...
$208.00 $99.00
Uni-Loc Thin Black Collar Maple Shaft
Hot Deal
Standard 29" hard maple Uni-Loc thin black collar cue...
$75.00 $25.00
Mezz WX700 Uni-Loc Pool Cue Shaft
Mezz Uni-Loc Joint WX700 Shaft hard maple shaft has the...
$295.00 $206.50

8 Ball In Rack Billiard Wall Clock
Item - 5711000-DIS
Hot Deal
Discontinued 8 ball pool rack and balls billiard wall...
$49.95 $24.98
All-In 500-piece Clay Poker Chip Set with Carrying Case
Item - ALLPC
Hot Deal
500 All-In clay chips in five vibrant colors make...
$119.99 $89.99
Dart Board Wall Clock
Item - 5713000-DIS
Hot Deal
Discontinued Dart board wall clock. This round 15 3/4...
$49.95 $24.98
Rack Em Up Round Pool and Billiard Wall Clock
Item - 5712000-DIS
Hot Deal
Discontinued Rack Em Up pool and billiard wall clock....
$49.95 $24.98
Brigadier Steel-Tip  Bristle Dartboard
Item - BRDB
Hot Deal
Aim higher with the DMI Brigadier Staple-free Bristle...
$59.99 $34.99
Poison Arsenic-3 2 Pool Cue
Item - PO3AR2
Hot Deal
Poison 3rd Generation Arsenic 2 pool cue has a Black...
$369.00 $276.75

Flirt 1x1 Pink Crocodile Pool Cue Case
Item - PF10-DIS
Hot Deal
Discontinued Pro Series Flirt pink crocodile 1 Butt/1...
$42.99 $24.95
Flirt 2x2 Pink Crocodile Pool Cue Case
Item - PF22
Hot Deal
Pro Series Flirt pink crocodile leatherette 2 Butt/2...
$60.49 $48.39
Pool God's 2x2 Pool Cue Case
Item - AC22BK
Pool God's 2x2 hard polyfoam tube pool cue case. This...
$69.99 $56.00
Sport Series 2x2 Blue / Silver Case
Item - SB2022B
Hot Deal
Fore! This golf-inspired 2 butt/2 shaft case features a...
$153.99 $79.95
Black Piggy Back 2x4
Item - PB2X4BK
Pool Gods 2x4 Black Piggy Back pool cue case. This Hard 2...
$104.99 $83.99
Black Piggy Back 3X5
Item - PB3X5
Pool Gods 3x5 Black Piggy Back pool cue case. This Hard 3...
$154.00 $107.80
Leather Slip On Bridge
Hot Deal
Discontinued Pool God's leather Slip On Bridge is a...
$16.67 $7.95
McDermott  Leather Burnisher
Item - 750111_XX
Hot Deal
McDermott Brown leather cue shaft burnisher is a great...
OB Tan Pool Cue Chalk 2pc.
Hot Deal
OB tan Chalk 2 cube box set. Over a year of research has...
$7.00 $2.95
Power Bridge Head Pink
Hot Deal
Pink Power Bridge Head features a rubber grommet for easy...
$19.95 $5.95
Southwest Joint Protector Set
Item - JPSW
Hot Deal
Southwest joint Protector set - will fit most Southwest...
$14.95 $3.95
Balance Rite 3/8 x 11 Thread Pool Cue Extension
Item - BRF11
Hot Deal
Balance Rite forward weighted pool cue extension for 3/8...
$39.99 $19.95
Moori Garnet Pool Cue Tip
Hot Deal
Moori Garnet tips Medium Hard Or Medium Soft is an 8...
$25.00 $14.95
Moori Hard Ruby Pool Cue Tip
Hot Deal
Moori Hard Ruby tips are an 8 layered pigskin leather...
$25.00 $14.95
Moori Soft Coral Pool Cue Tip
Hot Deal
Moori Soft Coral tips are an 8 layered pigskin leather...
$25.00 $14.95
Porper Tip Clamp
Item - 7325
Hot Deal
Porper's Tip Clamp is an excellent aid in replacing your...
$19.94 $11.95
Pure X Pool Cue Tip
Item - PXTxx-DIS
Hot Deal
Discontinued PureX Tips are made of 100% Japanese pig...
$21.95 $6.95
John Schmidt "Mr. 400" Straight Pool DVD Series Volume 1
Item - MR4001-DIS
Hot Deal
Discontinued John Schmidt "Mr. 400" Straight Pool DVD...
$41.19 $14.95
John Schmidt "Mr. 400" Straight Pool DVD Series Volume 3
Item - MR4003-DIS
Hot Deal
Discontinued John Schmidt "Mr. 400" Straight Pool DVD...
$41.19 $14.95
John Schmidt "Mr. 400" Straight Pool DVD Series Volume 4
Item - MR4004-DIS
Hot Deal
Discontinued John Schmidt "Mr. 400" Straight Pool DVD...
$41.19 $14.95
Sports Rule Book 3rd Edition
Hot Deal
Discontinued The Sports Rules Book is your guide to...
$22.60 $7.95
Professional Cue Extension
Item - CEXTC
Hot Deal
The Pool God's black velvet pool cue extension or jump...
$13.27 $5.31
Mojo RackRack 8 Ball Triangle Rack Holder
Item - RACKR
Hot Deal
Mojo RackRack 8 ball triangle ball rack...
$25.00 $12.95
Predator Sport 2 Stratos Sport Wrap Play Pool Cue
Predator Sport 2 Stratos Playing Cue has a dark blue...


"Been dealing with these guys for around fifteen years and the only thing that's changed is they've gotten better. They may not be the best, they're better than anyone else."

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