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Hot Deal Billiard Supply Specials  
Browse our deeply discounted Hot Deal Sales categories below for some of the largest savings on our billiard items. The items are below are in very limited supply and cannot be re-stocked at this price. So get while the getting is good. Shop Now! Limited Quantities - While Supplies Last

OB Plus Pro Partial No Joint Cue Shaft
Discontinued OB+ Pro Partial is a High Performance Cue...
$208.00 $99.00
8 Ball In Rack Billiard Wall Clock
Item - 5711000-DIS
Hot Deal
Discontinued 8 ball pool rack and balls billiard wall...
$49.95 $24.98
Dart Board Wall Clock
Item - 5713000-DIS
Hot Deal
Discontinued Dart board wall clock. This round 15 3/4...
$49.95 $24.98
Rack Em Up Round Pool and Billiard Wall Clock
Item - 5712000-DIS
Hot Deal
Discontinued Rack Em Up pool and billiard wall clock....
$49.95 $24.98
Lucasi Hybrid L-H20
Item - LH20-DIS
Hot Deal
Lucasi Hybrid cue in Image pink with Total Sweet Spot...
$483.99 $338.79

Lucasi Hybrid L-H30
Item - LH30-DIS
Hot Deal
Lucasi Hybrid cue in Torrent Red with Total Sweet Spot...
$483.99 $338.79

Lucasi Hybrid LHLE1 Pool Cue
Item - LHLE1-DIS
Limited Edition traditional-style Lucasi Hybrid cue...
$890.99 $623.69

Lucasi Hybrid LHLE2 Pool Cue
Item - LHLE2-DIS
Hot Deal
Limited Edition traditional-style Lucasi Hybrid cue...
$851.39 $595.97

Lucasi Hybrid LHC16 Pool Cue
Item - LHC16-DIS
Hot Deal
Lucasi Hybrid LHC16 pool cue this cue has a sleek matte...
$487.29 $341.10

Lucasi Hybrid LHC91 Pool Cue
Item - LHC91-DIS
Hot Deal
The LHC91 Lucasi cue features Mystic Black with white,...
$725.99 $508.19

Lucasi Hybrid LHC93 Pool Cue
Item - LHC93-DIS
Hot Deal
Lucasi Hybrid LHC93 pool cue has a coffee stained...
$769.99 $538.99

Lucasi Hybrid LHC94 Pool Cue
Item - LHC94-DIS
Hot Deal
Lucasi Hybrid LHC94 pool cue has a mystic black Maple...
$769.99 $538.99

Lucasi Hybrid LHC99 Pool Cue
Item - LHC99-DIS
Hot Deal
Lucasi Hybrid LHC99 pool cue has a  black forearm...
$780.99 $546.69

Lucasi Hybrid LHE5 Cue
Item - LHE5-DIS
Lucasi LHE5 Hybrid pool cue. This cue has a cool blue...
$527.99 $369.59

Lucasi Limited Edition Blue "The Hitman" Hybrid Pool Cue
Item - LHT89_DIS
Hot Deal
Lucasi Hybrid Limited Edition Thorsten "The Hitman"...
$538.99 $377.29

Lucasi Mystic Platinum Hybrid Pool Cue
Item - LHT76-DIS
Hot Deal
Lucasi Hybrid LHT76 platinum metallic pool cue. Cue has...
$538.99 $377.29

Lucasi Mystic Titanium Hybrid Pool Cue
Item - LHT77-DIS
Hot Deal
Lucasi Hybrid LHT77 Titanium metallic pool cue. Cue...
$538.99 $377.29

Pechauer JP03-Q Pool Cue
Item - JP03Q
Hot Deal
Pechauer JP03-Q pool cue has a Chestnut stained Birdseye...
$310.00 $217.00

Pechauer JP04-Q Pool Cue
Item - JP04Q
Hot Deal
Pechauer JP04-Q pool cue has a green stained Birdseye...
$330.00 $231.00

Pechauer JP05-Q Pool Cue
Item - JP05Q
Hot Deal
Pechauer JP05-Q pool cue has a Ebony stained Birdseye...
$350.00 $245.00

Pechauer JP06-Q Pool Cue
Item - JP06Q
Hot Deal
Pechauer JP06-Q pool cue has a blue stained Birdseye...
$370.00 $259.00

Pechauer JP07-Q Pool Cue
Item - JP07Q
Hot Deal
Pechauer JP07-Q pool cue has a no stain Birdseye Maple...
$390.00 $273.00

Pechauer JP08-Q Pool Cue
Item - JP08Q
Hot Deal
Pechauer JP08-Q pool cue has a Rosewood stain Birdseye...
$390.00 $312.00

Pechauer JP12-Q Pool Cue
Item - JP12Q
Hot Deal
Pechauer JP12-Q pool cue has a no stain Birdseye...
$440.00 $308.00

Pechauer JP17-Q Pool Cue
Item - JP17Q
Hot Deal
Pechauer JP17-Q pool cue has a no stain Birdseye Maple...
$500.00 $350.00

Pechauer JP18-Q Pool Cue
Item - JP18Q
Hot Deal
Pechauer JP18-Q pool cue has a natural stained Birdseye...
$510.00 $357.00

Pechauer JP20-Q Pool Cue
Item - JP20Q
Hot Deal
Pechauer JP20-Q pool cue has a natural stained Birdseye...
$540.00 $378.00

Brigadier Steel-Tip  Bristle Dartboard
Item - BRDB
Hot Deal
Aim higher with the DMI Brigadier Staple-free Bristle...
$59.99 $34.99
Flirt 1x1 Pink Crocodile Pool Cue Case
Item - PF10-DIS
Hot Deal
Discontinued Pro Series Flirt pink crocodile 1 Butt/1...
$42.99 $24.95
Flirt 2x2 Pink Crocodile Pool Cue Case
Item - PF22
Hot Deal
Pro Series Flirt pink crocodile leatherette 2 Butt/2...
$60.49 $48.39
Pool God's 2x2 Pool Cue Case
Item - AC22BK
Pool God's 2x2 hard polyfoam tube pool cue case. This...
$69.99 $56.00
Sport Series 2x2 Blue / Silver Case
Item - SB2022B
Hot Deal
Fore! This golf-inspired 2 butt/2 shaft case features a...
$153.99 $79.95
Black Piggy Back 2x4
Item - PB2X4BK
Pool Gods 2x4 Black Piggy Back pool cue case. This Hard 2...
$104.99 $83.99
Black Piggy Back 3X5
Item - PB3X5
Pool Gods 3x5 Black Piggy Back pool cue case. This Hard 3...
$154.00 $107.80
Leather Slip On Bridge
Hot Deal
Discontinued Pool God's leather Slip On Bridge is a...
$16.67 $7.95
Uni-Loc Thin Black Collar Maple Shaft
Hot Deal
Standard 29" hard maple Uni-Loc thin black collar cue...
$75.00 $25.00

"Seyberts, Thank you for your continuing support and fast customer service! I have been purchasing from your company since I was a child growing up in the small town of coldwater. At all times your team provides me with exceptional service and friendly help. I look forward to spreading the word about your company and what it has to offer the p..."

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