RYO Blue Aluminum Break Down Portable Pool Ball Rack With Case

RYO Blue Aluminum Break Down Portable Pool Ball Rack With Case
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RYO blue aluminum break down pool ball rack.

The RYO rack is constructed of 3 side pieces that connect by just lining up in the corners and they become one solid rack. This rack is light weight, durable, and portable providing a perfect rack for 8 ball, 9 ball and all types of billiard games. The RYO rack is legal for all tournament play and solidly constructed out of aluminum but does not create the clanking noise while racking like other aluminum racks on the market are known for. Rack comes with heavy duty canvas case that has 2 Velcro straps to attach to your cue case.
PRICE: $149.00 $144.95
Product ID : RYOBL
Product ID: RYOBL

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Reviewed by kurt_m_hodges@hotmail.co
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"RYO Blue Aluminum Break Down Portable Pool Ball Rack With Case"
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RYO Rack- Not Worth the Price

I recently purchased the RYO portable rack and have now had a chance to use it. I have been using a Delta-13 Elite rack at home and at a local billiards rooms. However, when I play league at a smaller bar, the plastic racks that come in valley table flex too much and don’t allow enough room to pick the rack up without touching balls.

I thought the RYO would be much like a Delta-13 Elite rack except portable. Well, this just isn’t the case. While strong, the magnets in the rack will not hold the rack together when you firmly press the balls against the rack. I and several friends had the rack “pop” open numerous times. For $144.95, I would expect an extremely high quality rack, and the RYO rack doesn’t measure up. One of the guys I played with last night actually said he would prefer to use the plastic Valley rack in the table as the RYO rack “was just too annoying”

To be fair, the rack probably works very well on a Gold Crown or Diamond table with great cloth and Aramith or Cyclop balls. When using cheaper balls, as are found at most bars, the balls have to be pressed pretty firmly to get a good rack and the RYO doesn’t do well here (as it pops open too much). In my opinion, it is an upgrade from a cheap plastic rack, but isn’t worth the $145 I paid for it.
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