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JB Rugged Case Small Middle Pocket Tray With Divider

JB Rugged Case Small Middle Pocket Tray With Divider
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JB Rugged cue case middle pocket tray. This pocket tray is designed to to keep your items organized. Tray has Velcro attachment on the back to hold secure in pocket along with adjustable dividers in the tray to adjust to needed size.  Tray is all black and measures 6.5" x 3.25".
Product ID : JBPTS
Product ID: JBPTS

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Reviewed by papa_fox1
papa_fox1 bought
"JB Rugged Case Small Middle Pocket Tray With Divider"

Nice looking

Looks nice and it does give one a choice of customizing a little but really is a bit pricey for what you get. Wasn't a lot of thought put into putting this together. Maybe as time goes on, I'll warm up to it and see more potential in it. It does separate things but the dividers are cloth covered cardboard with Velcro on the ends. Not sure about the longevity, seems somewhat delicate. Great idea, just not there yet.
Reviewed by cuedup
cuedup bought
"JB Rugged Case Small Middle Pocket Tray With Divider"

JB rugged case middle pocket

I'm using the tray without separators. The tray keeps small accessories(tip tool and more) from falling out in case the zipper is open.

"I've been purchasing quite a few items from Seyberts lately. I even drove up to their store in Michigan. They sell great products, are incredibly friendly, and in the few instances where there is a problem with an item you purchase they take care of you! I can't ask more for what I consider to be a locally ran company. Keep up the good work!"

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