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Gold Predator AIR 2 Jump Cue

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Predator AIR 2 Jump Cue. Only Predator could take the most accurate jump cue in the market and make it even better. The new technology in the Air2 makes jumping effortless for any level of play. Increased elevation and more accuracy than ever before, this cue is sure to have players jumping for joy after pocketing those once impossible shots.

Additional Information

Weight: 9.8 oz | 47 in. Overall Length | 11 in. Jump Handle | 7 in. Extension

Product ID : PAIR2
Product ID: PAIR2
Default Tip: Phenolic Tip
Cue Type: Jump
Shaft Type: Predator AIR2 Shaft
Joint Type: Radial
Shaft Diameter: 12.75mm
Shaft Length: 29 Inch
Shaft Taper: Pro Taper
Cue Wrap: No Wrap - Maple
Care & Instructions: Predator
Warranty: Predator Warranty

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Predator AIR2 Jump Cue

  • 47" full Length (3 pieces)
  • 40" Short Length (2 Pieces)
  • 29" Length Shaft
  • Mini Radial Butt Shaft Joint
  • Uni-Loc Butt Joint


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by papa_fox1
papa_fox1 bought
"Gold Predator AIR 2 Jump Cue"

Mixed feelings

Don't know what it is- Pred jumps are not for me. I can jump fine with an elite brand cue but not with the predator 1 or 2. Wish predator would just make a handle and allow a person to use a break shaft (uniloc).
Reviewed by thedirtybird
thedirtybird bought
"Gold Predator AIR 2 Jump Cue"

Great jump cue!

I've had this for about a month. Had to use it 3 or 4 times in my BCA league. Gets the ball in the air flawlessly. I've tried a few other models of jump cues and this is the best I've used so far. I also like that it breaks down into 3 pieces instead of 2 like most other jump cues.
Reviewed by ap2ryp
ap2ryp bought
"Gold Predator AIR 2 Jump Cue"

good jump cue

does its job effortlessly and love the matte finish
Reviewed by ljhookem14
ljhookem14 bought
"Gold Predator AIR 2 Jump Cue"

Very Good Jump Stick

I prefer the 3-piece style jump cues and this one is still light enough to make any jump.

A good jump cue for the beginner or advanced shooter.
Reviewed by nickisnoob
nickisnoob bought
"Gold Predator AIR 2 Jump Cue"

Good jump cue

Really like the matte finish.
Good performance, gets you in the air faster.

Significantly easier than using your playing cue
Reviewed by plhlolelnlilx

It's good not great

The biggest advantage using this jump cue for me is that it's extended. I have used other brands that made it easier to get the ball airborn but they weren't nearly as accurate.
Reviewed by r_s_pang
r_s_pang bought
"Gold Predator AIR 2 Jump Cue"


The Jump Air II looks and feels great. There is a lot of detail in the design from the eye catching logo down to the tiny etched serial numbers on each of the joints. It is a well engineered piece of equipment. However, on the cue I purchased, there is a slight blemish in the turned wood close to the rim on the rear piece which is only visible when the rear piece is unattached. For the premium price tag, I do not expect to see any blemishes.

Having used a Poison VX Jump cue for 2 years, the JUMP Air II is a good upgrade. I do not need to exert as much SNAP to make the ball jump and it feels far more forgiving which I assume is due to the larger sweet spot. Having 3 pieces is also a big plus as it allows length adjustments when switching between pendulum and dart style jumps. As I have a Predator weight kit, I can also customize the feel even further.

Overall, it’s a pricey but lovely but jump cue which when you're not using, you can hold and enjoying looking at.

If there was no blemish on my cue, I would give 5 stars
Reviewed by mister_p


The Jump Air II is very detailed, looks and feels great. There was a slight blemish in the turned wood close to the rear screw on the 3rd piece but as it's not visible when the pieces are screwed together and only cosmetic, its not a big deal. However, for the premium price tag, I would expect close to perfection.

Having used a Poison VX JMP for 2 years, the Jump Air II is a good upgrade. The tip is wider and the hit feels more solid. You do not need to exert as much SNAP to make the ball jump and it is a bit more forgiving as the sweet spot is larger. Having 3 pieces also allows more customisation switching between pendulum and dart jumps which is a big plus for me. I also have a weight kit so I can customize it even further.

Reviewed by greenlight19
greenlight19 bought
"Gold Predator AIR 2 Jump Cue"

really good, but....

I've had this cue for a few weeks now jump wise the cue is awesome. But I think the build quality could be better. The carbon fiber collar has already popped where it meets the wood of the shaft. The cue was not mistreated I.e. left in the car in the cold. So needless to say I'm kind of disappointed with the cue.
Reviewed by randytabares
randytabares bought
"Gold Predator AIR 2 Jump Cue"


This cue is outstanding! I have always owned a Jump Break cue and this is my first Jump Cue. The cue ball gets up in the air effortlessly. This Jump cue is worth every penny.

"This place is awesome, I called to make sure the cue I wanted was in stock guy was very friendly and took the time to talk to me about my purchase. Product arrived next business day, but I am only 300 miles from them. Will do business with them again, and send them as many customers as possible. Thank you Seyberts....."

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