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Pro Series Classic Black 1x1 Pool Cue Case

Pro Series Classic Black 1x1 Pool Cue Case
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Pro Series Classic black 1 butt/ 1 shaft leatherette PVC silk-lined case with stylish embossed inset panel. This nice slimline oval design has a shoulder strap and small accessory pocket.
PRICE: $21.99 $17.59
Product ID : PRSE9MA
Product ID: PRSE9MA
Cue Configuration: 1 Butt - 1 Shaft
Interior Length: 30.5"
Exterior Material: Vinyl
Case Type: Hard Case
Exterior Dimensions: 32" X 3"
Case Shape: Oval
Shoulder Strap: Side Strap
Pockets: 1 Pocket
Top Pocket Size: 3" X 5"
Loading Direction: Bi-Directional
Interior Design: Silk Sleeved
Lid Closure: Zippered

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by twentyforteen
twentyforteen bought
"Pro Series Classic Black 1x1 Pool Cue Case"

nice case

I got this free when i ordered my mcdermott g205 the case will come in handy if i want to do just some straight pool
Reviewed by tarenray
tarenray bought
"Pro Series Classic Black 1x1 Pool Cue Case"

Good deal

Comes free with most cues and great for a newer player to get into pool and needs a quick case.
Reviewed by r_s_pang
r_s_pang bought
"Pro Series Classic Black 1x1 Pool Cue Case"


This case is good value for money. Although it looks a bit cheap in places, it is well made and will protect your cue. For those who just need a case for travelling light, this is a decent choice. For more rugged protection, I would opt for something else.
Reviewed by P00L
P00L bought
"Pro Series Classic Black 1x1 Pool Cue Case"

Does the Job

I bought this for the nights I take my cue to the bar. I still get the " OOOh, hustler" comments but still get my drinks paid for where I doubt I'd get many bets if I walked in with my full gear/case.

"My husband is so happy with the purchase of this short cue stick. We would have had to sell the pool table we bought months ago because the average size cue stick was hitting walls in the room. With the short stick, he can make any shot he wants. I went online and tried to order a short stick from at least 10 other sites and they were all sold..."

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