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Uni-Loc | Silver Ring | Predator Vantage

Uni-Loc | Silver Ring | Predator Vantage
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Designed and developed for players seeking increased shaft stiffness and velocity with Predator's proven accuracy control, Vantage is fitted to leverage your abilities. Featuring our all-new V-Tek front end technology, iMatch splicing, ProV Taper, and the 8 layer Victory Tip, the next evolution in shaft performance has arrived.

Default Tip: Predator Medium
Shaft Type: Predator Vantage
Joint Type: Uni-Loc Quick
Beauty Ring: Silver Ring - Black Collar
Shaft Diameter: 12.9mm
Shaft Length: 29 Inch
Shaft Taper: Gradual Rise Pro Taper
Tip Backing: V-Tek Silencer
Ferrule: V-Tek Ferrule
Ferrule Technology: V-Tek Construction
Shaft Construction: iMatch Pairing
Insert Material: Brass
Face Type: Piloted
Care & Instructions: Predator
Warranty: Predator Warranty

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by thedirtybird
thedirtybird bought
"Uni-Loc | Silver Ring | Predator Vantage"

Love this shaft

Besides the Revo, this is best shaft on the market in my opinion. I just purchased a 12.75 Vantage to see if I like it more than the standard 12.9. Well worth the extra money for it. Stiffer than other shafts, but greatly reduced deflection.
Reviewed by darksinthe
darksinthe bought
"Uni-Loc | Silver Ring | Predator Vantage"

As advertised, Predator has done it again.

I felt that I should write a review seeing as there is none on this shaft yet.

I started with a 314² about 3 years ago, loved it and decided to give the Z² a go about 1.5 years ago. It took me a while to get used the Z² because of its extra spin and lack of forgiveness, but I grew to love it. My Z² somehow got warped recently so I decided to buy a new one, and I noticed the advertisement for the vantage shaft... being a sucker for predators campaigns, I fell victim to temptation and ordered this shaft w/ the stock Victory M tip.

I've been using it for about 7 hours now and I will say it has improvements over the 314² and Z². It seems to have about the exact same spin application as the Z² shaft (which had a moori M on it), but it being a tiny bit wider in diameter than the 314². The deflection reduction is top-notch, seeming to fall just a tiny bit more deflection than the Z² and a bit less than the 314², which is impressive considering its 12.9mm diameter (Z² being 11.75mm, 314² being 12.75mm). The wider diameter seems to make it more forgiving than the Z², while performing pretty much exactly as well.

One thing people will either LOVE or HATE about this shaft is its ridiculous amount of vibration dampening. The hit is very very clean; it almost feels like you aren't hitting anything. Some people will love this clean hit, but if you're someone who enjoys the clacky feedback from hitting balls around, you will be disappointed to find that you feel next to nothing on contact. The sound produced is a nice and quiet low frequency click.

Overall, I am impressed. 5/5

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