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Predator Tips - Victory Cue Tips

Predator Tips - Victory Cue Tips
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8 layer leather design holds cue tip shape longer. The Predator Tips consist of top quality leather and are constructed to the most exacting standards in the billiard industry. Predator Tips ared developed to maintain optimum compression for the entire life of the tip. The high contrast color allows for better sighting and shaping in low light environments. Predator Victory Tips are tested by top professional players and are available in soft, medium, hard in 14mm Diameter. 

Sold as single tips.
Product ID : PREDx
Product ID: PREDx
Layered / Non Layered: Layered Tip
Leather Type: Pig Skin
Size: 14mm
Tip Backing: Non Backed
Tip Hardness: Hard
Tip Hardness: Medium
Tip Hardness: Multiple Hardness
Tip Hardness: Soft
Tip Type: Play Tip

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by papa_fox1
papa_fox1 bought
"Predator Tips - Victory Cue Tips"

Pred soft

Good tip. Pricey, I agree, but effective. Just have to scuff it more often to keep it from glazing. Holds shape well and feels good on the revo shaft. Can't give it top marks because , in my limited experience with soft tip, I'm not convinced it's the best overall. But I did like it.
Reviewed by prjct7
prjct7 bought
"Predator Tips - Victory Cue Tips"

Decent tip

This is the first soft tip I've played with. It does not retain shape as well as my tiger medium onyx and it seems to glaze over pretty quickly. It's decent but not worth the price.
Reviewed by dmaurer

Victory Medium

I hadn't played a Predator tip before but it came on the 314-3 shaft I ordered for my Pechauer cue. It's a fine tip and came well shaped, but a little more firm than I like. If you look at several tip hardness charts they all show Victory tips as harder than most in their category, and the medium is among the hardest of any brand that label their tips as "medium." Still, it is holding it's shape well so far and doesn't need any maintenance yet, but not sure I'd replace it with another. Probably a Tiger Everest or Sniper.
Reviewed by

Awesome tips

I have used these in the past and loved them.
Recently ordered a victory medium on my new shaft and it will definitely step your game up to the next level.
Reviewed by t7fce
t7fce bought
"Predator Tips - Victory Cue Tips"

Victory soft tip

Good tip (soft) that plays more like a medium for me. Shaped easily and hasn't needed to be adjusted after weeks of steady play. Other tips that I like are Tiger Emerald and Kamui Soft and I put the Victory Soft in that group. Applies consistent English to cue ball without miscue problems.
Reviewed by WilliamR
WilliamR bought
"Predator Tips - Victory Cue Tips"

Victory (Soft)

My shafts came with the Victory Med. Personal preference this tip seemed to be a little ….let me call it brittle. Or maybe a tad too hard. So I went on a quest for the right tip. I tried 2 Tiger tips... the Everst (which I seemed to miscue with) and the Onyx.. both are rated Med. I tried too... the untra skins from Meucci. That tip didn't have miscue problems for me... but also just didn't seem right. So.... I researched all those tips a little. The hardness rating I found for the Victory Med.79.8 which I thought it was a bit hard. Tiger tips..Sniper was 66.9, Onix was 74.6 both are rated Med. And the Everst at 75.1 Med. also. I found the Victory SOFT rating at 75.3 which makes it a harder tip then the 3 Tiger tips. It holds chalk really well... I have no miscue issues with the Victory Soft. The Everest played well for me.. except for the miscue issues... couldn't tell really a difference between it and the Vic. Soft. The miscue issues is absolutely my fault...sometimes I fail to chalk between two shots. So Victory Soft is the tip for me. It holds chalk well and is actually a harder tip then Others rated at Med.
Also... the Predator site... they put the Soft tips on their carbon shafts.
Reviewed by Jsalas
Jsalas bought
"Predator Tips - Victory Cue Tips"

Predator victory

Very happy with this product highly recommended anyone to buy very consistent holds shape well I use medium tip I have used many other tips not no more

Reviewed by Mikep12584

Victory Tip Medium

I got this tip on my Z2 S-Tuned shaft that I bought about 2 weeks ago and I didn't like it. I should have had the patience to have Seybert's change the tip to the Sniper tip which I love. I will be cutting the victory tip off and switching to Sniper ASAP.
Reviewed by Samuel58
Samuel58 bought
"Predator Tips - Victory Cue Tips"

Predator Victory Tips

Started with med and loved them, then tried soft and they are the best tips I have ever used. Tried Moori, ultra and kamuni, in my opinion, they are by far the best. Sam
Reviewed by Luzama

Pred Med

Been shooting with this tip for a while and love it have the med shoots soft but great control. Proper cue maintenance and haven't had a problem with miscue. Great tip life shoot every day and haven't compressed to much something I had a problem with kamui.
Reviewed by tomiczoran

Medium tip

I've had this tip for over three months now. The short and sweet tale; overpriced for what you get.

The medium tip I received plays more like a soft tip.

I started liking this tip, but for the past few weeks I have been miscuing. The tip had about 40% left before I switched back to Kamui.

Unfortunately, these Predator tip's are not worth the premium price.
Reviewed by Erwin

Great Tip

I play with a Victory med tip and I have to say that its harder than the rest of the medium tips out there. But it don't matter because this tip will help you take your game to another level. The medium Victory tip will hold its shape longer than any other tip that i've played with and miscues are almost non existent so as long as you don't forget to use chalk every now and then. It doesn't matter what chalk you use just as long as you use it. You should make chalking a part of your shot routine anyway. I use the expensive chalk so that there isn't chalk residue on my table or on my clothes or on the cue ball since I chalk so much. Some of the best tips out there are the Victory soft and Victory medium. Kamui tips are also a good choice if you're like me and try to avoid jumping on the Predator band wagon. But this Victory tip is what has to be on my cue when money is on the line and I mean it. Pair it up with any low deflection carbon shaft and you have the winning edge on your opponent from the start up! This tip makes a difference even if it so happens to be a Predator tip.

"Great service, great prices, and quick shipping. Will do business here again. "

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