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Uni-Loc Predator Sport 2 Play Pool Cue

Uni-Loc Predator Sport 2 Play Pool Cue
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Predator Sport 2 Playing Cue is gloss black with Predator Sport 2 logo on forearm. The sports sport wrap has Predator logo and 2 yellow and red stripes.


Product ID : SPORT2
Product ID: SPORT2
Default Tip: Predator Medium
Cue Type: Play Cue
Shaft Type: Predator 314-3
Joint Type: Uni-Loc Quick
Shaft Diameter: 12.75mm
Shaft Length: 29 Inch
Shaft Taper: Gradual Rise Pro Taper
Ferrule: V-Tek Ferrule
Ferrule Technology: V-Tek Construction
Shaft Construction: iMatch Pairing
Cue Wrap: Sport Grip
Wood Type: Maple - Hard
Care & Instructions: Predator
Warranty: Predator Warranty
New Style Joint Protectors

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Redtagrob56
Redtagrob56 bought
"Uni-Loc Predator Sport 2 Play Pool Cue"

Hey there sport!

A few yrs ago i won this cue in a tourny & very stupidly i sold to get 2 lesser cues. It weighed on my mind & after 4 yrs i got it back. It immediately played like its been in my bag for a decade. I have large hands & theyve been busted up a few times from hockey & football, so the bigger textured grip sits in my hand pretty perfectly. I also bought the 12/9 revo shaft to go with it. I feel like im cheating sometimes! I gotta make myself play a few racks w a house cue so i can keep some humility. Its funny when u go into a smaller billiard store & they bad mouth predator saying its high priced bad product but yet they sell player cues for 500. Whatever predator puts out is next level & high end. My grandfather says "cheap is expensive "...spend the money, buy a quality product once instead of many pieces of junk. Read the reviews on this cue alone..everyone says the same. The proof is in the pudding.
Reviewed by talley7388
talley7388 bought
"Uni-Loc Predator Sport 2 Play Pool Cue"

Fantastic cue!

I highly recommend this cue. I got the tuned Z2 shaft and I love it. I have so much more control and accuracy with this cue. It's amazing.
Reviewed by Cannonball80
Cannonball80 bought
"Uni-Loc Predator Sport 2 Play Pool Cue"

Gotta Agree With The Other Posts!

I play in a APA League and am currently ranked a 4-handicap (3-7). I did catch a little grief from my wife for spending $500 on a cue, but it has already paid off in how much straighter I hit the ball. I got mine with the S-tuned Z2 shaft and I simply could not be happier. Those long green shots no longer stress me out and with the help of the Kamui soft tip, I'm putting a considerable amount of English on the ball, so I can now easily get shape for my next shots.

The grip feels great, and the stick is everything it says it is! I defiantly recommend it and look forward to getting better everyday.
Reviewed by caroline73

Awesome cue!!

I bought this cue as an all around cue and, let me tell you that I have no words to describe it other that WOW. Suits my expectations all the way. I used inside english with this cue, and I make 75% more balls that I usually do. Definitely a wonderful cue. 5 star all the way.
Reviewed by gsaubon


I've been waiting for this kind of cue for a long time from Predator. In my opinion; this is the ultimate Predator cue there is if mated with the optional S-Tuned Z shaft (just retired my P3 White 15th Anniversary Edition and sold my other P3 Exotic with this). The rubberized grip is actually a shock & vibration damper, the end result was greater accuracy and ball control, not too grippy and very comfortable in your hand. It will give you the edge and competence in making hard shots.
Reviewed by eman1501
eman1501 bought
"Uni-Loc Predator Sport 2 Play Pool Cue"

Predator Sport 2

This is an amazing cue, the grip is so comfortable and you can really feel the power in the cue. I recommend the z2 Tuned shaft with this cue because the control you get is simply amazing. This is a flashy cue and when people see this cue they will know you mean buisness and that you are there to win! I strongly recommend this cue if you looking for a srtong reliable cue that will give you the best performance possible!

"I ordered a Predator 8k and a Players break/jump cue, as well as some supplies. Charged it with separate cards, unfortunately they could not send it to my work place due to their policy of only shipping to billing address on high priced purchases which was a minor inconvenience. The Pool cues were nicely protected with a hard cardboard tube. The..."

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