Poison Pool Cue Gloves

Poison Pool Cue Gloves
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Poison pool cue gloves. Get increased shot control with the friction - free billiards glove that Encourages a smooth, steady stoke when the heat of the game is on. Gloves fit one sizes smaller then described. Fits Left Hand Only.
Product ID : POSG
Product ID: POSG
Color: Black
For What Hand: For Left Hand
Glove Padding: Yes
Glove Style: 3 Finger Open
Securing Method: Elastic

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 Left hand only.

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Reviewed by Runt3055
Runt3055 bought
"Poison Pool Cue Gloves"
at seyberts.com

Predator Glove

I love this glove. It does everything it promises too. The great part, besides the leather stripes to aid control, is the way the fingers stay in place. And seeing as a female we tend to have long fingernails its the best. Try it , you wont't be dissapointed.
Reviewed by ShadowedXistence

works great

I was wearing through a glove every month... this glove has ALREADY lasted me 2 months... the only wear I have so far is from the stretching in the fingers which has gradually faded/wore out the red stripes. other than that, it still fits and plays like it's brand new... I purchased another one to have as a back up as I love it so much, I'm not sure what I would do without it
Reviewed by supaflyhuy
supaflyhuy bought
"Poison Pool Cue Gloves"
at seyberts.com

Poison Glove

I love this glove, it's design is perfect for my preference, the red streaks are also a great bonus in style. I like how it does not fully cover the fingers but cuts off near the end. It's great if you like to feel the felt with all fingers. There is also leather bridge pad to make your bridge extra supported. Amazing!
Reviewed by dhammis

Something different

I've been wearing gloves for years and routinely had to replace them after a few months. My last one wore out around the same Predator announced their new gloves. I figured it was worth a try since most Predator products tend to be pretty good quality. I like the feel of the glove much better. It's a better fit than the Sir Joseph gloves that I had been used to. After two months there isn't any stretching or looseness of the glove. My cues glide over it without snagging, even in the hot and humid Texas summer. Hoping that this lasts more than a session but I'll likely buy this again.
Reviewed by peacefrog354

Poison Pool Glove

I've had this glove for about a month. I have large hands and the L/XL size fits well, though when I got it the wrist was so tight I could hardly get it on. The only problem I've had with the glove is red stripe down the index finger can be a bit sticky when shooting an open bridge.
Reviewed by A81791

Predator Glove

I had the same type of glove but by Predator. It is nice for shooting but it frays really fast to the point where it looks really old and it's really new. The velcro by the wrist curls up so it is hard to attach velcro to velcro. The lettering also wears out fast. If you are buying this glove because it looks cool as well as plays well, you are half right. It plays well because of the material but the material astetics is cheap and will wear fast.
Reviewed by rackem
rackem bought
"Poison Pool Cue Gloves"
at seyberts.com

First glove.

Never wore a glove before but liked its look and for the price I gave it a try. Like it a lot. Has a patch on the palm to keep hand in place and just overall felt and worked great.
Reviewed by tfw314

Predator Glove.

Bought this glove , the predator logo glove and used quite regularly, due to humid conditions here in NE Ohio. The glove worked great and was complimented frequently but the Predator word on the finger is wearing off from friction when I slide my hand over the felt of the table, still does its job however the predator word needs to be improved to not wear off.

" thank you RICK you were a great help and great service. you did well by seyberts."

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