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Predator P3 Cue - Black Luxe Wrap Uni-Loc

Predator P3 Cue - Black Luxe Wrap Uni-Loc
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Predator P3 black with luxe wrap is meticulously engineered, obsessively forward-thinking and with unprecedented 30-piece construction, P3 is here, and it’s about to change the game forever. The customizable weight cartridge system means you can fine-tune P3 within a tenth of an ounce, while the 30 pieces and dense Ash core give you an astonishingly solid feel, better straightness and dead-on accuracy. So that’s what P3’s made of – how about you?

Product ID : P3BW
Product ID: P3BW
Default Tip: Predator Medium
Cue Type: Play Cue
Shaft Type: Predator 314-3
Joint Type: Uni-Loc Quick
Shaft Diameter: 12.75mm
Shaft Length: 29 Inch
Shaft Taper: Gradual Rise Pro Taper
Tip Backing: V-Tek Silencer
Ferrule: V-Tek Ferrule
Ferrule Technology: V-Tek Construction
Shaft Construction: iMatch Pairing
Cue Wrap: Luxe Leather Wrap
Care & Instructions: Predator
Warranty: Predator Warranty
New Style Joint Protectors

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by NK1975

Wow!! Amazing Cue

I have played forever, but never got a good cue. Took the plunge and couldn't be happier. Get one with a revo shaft and go run some racks.
Reviewed by Redtagrob56

After i bought a P3 i kicked my wife out!

Just like the title so in love w my P3 that i left my home & got an apt so we could be alone more often. Before i even put my digits on this cue i was smitten w the build & tech. Went on a quest to find 1 of the special edition p3 revos that come in the display box. Coast to coast they are sold out. The black p3 & red racer are only p3s avail anywhere! So i delayed my decision on those 2 p3s since i was going to billiard expo in philly, seen some p3s in dif finishes but no wrap, no shaft & sellers were questionable. Then i got chance to play Jennifer Barretta, were exchanging pleasantries and 4 ball runs & i notice she has the black p3 w luxe wrap. Total Fn stunner! The cue wasnt bad, seriously, that black p3 was gorgeous! Metallic black finish, chrome accents w matte black racing stripe & that luxe wrap...ooofahhh! I went home & tracked down the black p3 that Jen had & ive been using it for over a wk now & i cant put it down. The cue is built so well & feels incredible, i even feel like my shots are crisper & more true when i let my stroke out. Paired w the revo shaft i have peace of mind knowing that my equipment is 2nd to none so any shot i flub is on me & not my tools. Predator, i didnt want to be one, but youve made me a fan boy...keep em coming!
Reviewed by Juniormuerte9
Juniormuerte9 bought
"Predator P3 Cue - Black Luxe Wrap Uni-Loc"


One of the best feeling cues that I have ever had very great feel and got it with the Z3 shaft and I love it how I get spin on the cue ball . And its black , black is alwas the way to go looks realy good with the extension
Reviewed by beeferer

Exceptional cue!

When I first got this cue, I had to keep going back to my old McDermott standby. Then something clicked. I finally realized that if you give it just a tiny bit of English the results are the same as giving a lesser cue maximum English. This cue has made me a much better player by forcing me to improve my stroke. If I need a lot of English for a particular shot, the P3 can easily do it. It is rock solid and squirt is practically negligible! All this with the 312 shaft. I plan on getting the Z2 in order to go places I have only dreamed of! My game has improved so much that I took a class with Jerry Briesath in order to take yet another step up the ladder- something I would never consider with the ho-hum game I was used to with my other cue. Bottom line: If you take your game seriously, this cue is an excellent start on the highway to better playing. Period.
Reviewed by aloprinco

P3 white

a year ago I purchased a white p3, for me is a wonderful cue, it has the power the control, for me it's wonderfoul... I also tried the black one, and is identical, it is a cue that I recommend to most players
Reviewed by vupham
vupham bought
"Predator P3 Cue - Black Luxe Wrap Uni-Loc"

Best cue that I bought

This is the best cue that I have in my arsenal as a pool player. I've been playing with it for 3 years now and my game has been a lot better than before with some other cues. It hits real nice, you know it when you hear that "thunk" sound and I never noticed the vibration like the others have. The sweet spot is amazing too, there are some shots that I doubted because I would missed it if I put too much english on it but otherwise I would not have a decent set, but the P3 came through.
I am really glad that I bought the P3.
Reviewed by jassenchua

Black is sexy

You got to love the designs made by predator...simple yet awesome.. when i use this cue everyone wants to see it..especially the white one. I own both black and white cues...i love the feel of the cue. The weight is just nice. The shots are terrific!! Minimal cue ball deflection, all the nice works are in this cue.
Reviewed by belz

A Beauty

The P3 cues are a fantastice cue. I have two friends who own one and they love them. I had a little play with on and it is absolutely amazing to play with. Would be lovely to own one.

"Unparallel exceptional service! Fast shipping, great and immediate communication, and awesome customer service- via e-mail and on the phone. These guys go above and beyond. If you’re looking for anything, I would highly recommend purchasing from Seyberts instead, even if it is cheaper else where (though Seyberts prices are already pretty compe..."

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