Predator Blak 2x4 Vinyl Case

Predator Blak 2x4 Vinyl Case
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Predator Blak 3rd generation cue case. Stainless Steel accents,Predator Cat Design Elements on the outside front, inside top cover and bottom of the case. Large side pocket has molded pockets for the Predator Air Jump Cue, Centered strap and non-slip shoulder-pad for carrying comfort and flexibility. Case weighs 4.9 lbs (2.23 kilos)and will hold up to a 29" shaft.

Product ID : C3SY2x4
Product ID: C3SY2x4
Cue Configuration: 2 Butts - 4 Shafts
Interior Length: 30"
Exterior Material: Vinyl
Jump Handle Compartment: Yes
Case Type: Hard Case
Exterior Dimensions: 35.5" X 5.5"
Case Shape: Oval
Handle Location: Side Handle
Shoulder Strap: Back Strap
Pockets: 1 Pocket
Top Pocket Size: 5" X 16"
Loading Direction: Bi-Directional
Interior Design: Tubed Interior
Lid Closure: Snap Closure
Warranty Info: 1 Year

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Black Leather Luxe TM

Silver coated accents

Predator Cat Design Elements on the outside front, inside top cover and bottom of the case

Large side pocket has molded pockets for the Predator Air Jump Cue

Centered strap and non-slip shoulder-pad for carrying comfort and flexibility

Pocket Dimensions:
Large Pocket: 15.5" x 6"
Large Pocket Depth: 1.5"
Small Pocket: 3" x 10"

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by rakmskr
rakmskr bought
"Predator Blak 2x4 Vinyl Case"

not so great

I would not recommend this case, Its not near as good as the old predator case that instroke made and John Barton designed. This is a no BS review.
Reviewed by Rcasse1
Rcasse1 bought
"Predator Blak 2x4 Vinyl Case"

Great Case

Though this case is bigger than most 2x4s, its advantage is having a secure spot for a 2 piece jump cue in the front. One of my buddies has the same predator case but has the 3x5 and this is much smaller and actually holds your cues tighter than the 3x5. Excellent case and looks beautiful in any pool hall.
Reviewed by jeffb78


I could not believe the size of this case the first time I saw it. I had guessed it was a 4x8 going off how big it was, but it was the 2x4! Absolutely stunning looking case and ample room for whatever you want to put in the pouches. Molded plastic interior will not let any harm come to your prized cues. However the size and weight of this beast turned me off from it.
Reviewed by DubVshark


This case is big but it's the best case I've ever owned. Everyone that's seen it loves it's clean cut look leather is better then most silver lining makes the case stand out. Of all the cases I've owned this one holds the cues titter then any case I never have to worry about my cues being knocked around.
Reviewed by Souforte

Predator vinyl 2x4

Yes it is heavy , and a bit bigger then some 2x4 cases, but still i like it a lot and use it to go to tourneys or even to the local bar with some friends.
In this cue you have a 100% safe guarantee on your cues, nice constrution materials make it a SAFE case!

Other aspect i have to point out is that in random cases we use the outside pocket to keep our Jump cue/butt, this case the outside pocket is specially design for that purpose! even if you let the case felt it won´t damage the cues.

This size is the ideal for a play case , cause you nn like 4x8 or more on a play case 2x4 is enough consider the special pocket you can carry your break cue, your jump cue and your playing cue + 1 shaft

Don´t get the 5/5 due to mobility issues,...there are lighter ones,...but this one construction material is better
Reviewed by netro

Heavy case

It's a heavy case. I have to admit that the big pocket is very useful but it is a little big to be a 2x4 case

"Excellent customer service! My order was shipped immediately and arrived on time! Please continue your good work! Edwin"

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