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Predator Second Skin Black Grey Pool Cue Gloves - Left Hand

Predator Second Skin Black Grey Pool Cue Gloves - Left Hand
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Predator black and grey Second Skin left hand pool cue gloves. More confidence and more consistency translates to on the table results. Predator's Second Skin premium billiard gloves provide players of all levels with an extremely smooth and low-friction surface for increased accuracy and consistency regardless of the conditions or the shot. When players have a smooth and steady stroke every time they are at the table, they can focus on what matters most - winning. FITS ON LEFT HAND

Additional Information

IMPORTANT!: This glove fits on your LEFT bridge hand
Product ID : PREDGxxG
Product ID: PREDGxxG
Color: Black
For What Hand: For Left Hand
Glove Padding: Yes
Glove Style: 3 Finger Open
Securing Method: Velcro
Left Hand
Black / Grey

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Predator Second Skin Black and Grey Glove Features. 
  • Ultra-Dry Breathable Mesh
  • Non-Slip Thumb Heel Pad
  • Double Stitched Construction
  • Elastic-Velcro Closure
  • Second-Skin Low-Friction Surface

Glove Sizes Based on Palm Circumference


Palm Circumference (Inch) 
7 - 7.5 in (XXS)
8 - 8.5 in (S/M)
9 - 9.5 in (L/XL)
10 - 10.5 in(XXL)

Palm Circumference (CM) 
17.5 - 19 cm (XXS)
20 - 21.5 cm (S/M)
23 - 24 cm (L/XL)
25.5 - 26.5 cm(XXL)

How to Measure Your Palm Circumference
Hold your glove hand flat, fingers together, palm facing upwards. Wrap a measuring tape around your palm, just below the knuckles, excluding the thumb. Glove size should be measured in inches. Round up to the nearest half inch.


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by bpagels
bpagels bought
"Predator Second Skin Black Grey Pool Cue Gloves - Left Hand"

find your fit

ive tried cheaper gloves from suppliers at tourneys. and this one is worth the extra money for sure. the only caution i can throw out is that if you slide your bride hand across the felt and do not place it and not move it you will get wear from friction. this should be expected if you understand science....they last me much longer and the fit is great for my over sized bear claws. this is the glove i like and will continue to buy
Reviewed by billiardsplayer123
billiardsplayer123 bought
"Predator Second Skin Black Grey Pool Cue Gloves - Left Hand"


The best glove I've used
Reviewed by longbodie
longbodie bought
"Predator Second Skin Black Grey Pool Cue Gloves - Left Hand"

Thumb is too short

I bought 2 Small/Medium size Predator glove in yellow and grey. The first one ripped and tear in 1 and a half month, hence the second one (I give it a second try, maybe I got a bad one). They both have a major design issue: the cut for the thumb is too short and loose, I have to constantly pull it up, should make it longer and tighter (notice they don't use the same - tight but flexible material as for index and middle fingers), THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM because thumb area is where the cue making contact with the glove the most. If you want the same (if not better) experience and don't have to pull your thumb all the time, go with Kamui glove (I tried Sa mall size Kamui glove and it's good, the thumb is much longer and tighter)
Reviewed by jpettine
jpettine bought
"Predator Second Skin Black Grey Pool Cue Gloves - Left Hand"

As good as any other.

I've tried every glove on the market. Kamui, Molinari, Mezz, and a number of the cheaper ones from random brands.

Among the "permium" brands I've found my experience is, they're pretty much all the same. All of the quality gloves are made with similar materials, and similar design. The sizing is a matter of preference.

For me, both for the look (I love the grey/black) and sizing (the medium is a perfect fit for me) this has been the best glove. No glove is going to last forever, and if you search any of them you'll find a mix of reviews about popped stitching and holes. One will swear their Predator lasted forever, and Molanari popped, the next opposite (Kamui lasted forever, Predator has a hole, etc...)

If you play with a glove, expect to replace it, that's just the name of the game. Try a bunch, find which one's sizing is right for you, and what your most comfortable with. For me, it's been the Predator glove ever since they came out with the "Second skin" your experience may be different.
Reviewed by mscherer63

Poorly made

I purchased this product about a month ago, it works great, however, it does not hold up. I've used it a maximum of 10 times and the seams are starting to split. I expected a much better product from predator. Buy molinari or save the money and buy the $2 throw away gloves, they last just as long.

"I recently bought a Predator cue,chalk,shirts,etc. I tell my friends shopping around to check out this website because of exceptional service with competitive pricing. I personally will always look here for what I need before going elsewhere. Thank you so much!"

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