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Uni-Loc | Thin Black Collar | Predator 314-3

Uni-Loc | Thin Black Collar | Predator 314-3
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Predator 314-3 Uni-Loc thin black collar pool cue shaft is the all around athlete. Stiffer than a Z-3, but not as stiff as Vantage, the preferred taper and diameter of countless champions is even more accurate than before. With the addition of V-Tek construction, the 314-3 is 3% lighter than the 314-2 at the front-end and even stronger than before.

Product ID : 3143UNITBC
Product ID: 3143UNITBC
Default Tip: Predator Medium
Shaft Type: Predator 314-3
Joint Type: Uni-Loc Quick
Beauty Ring: Black Collar - Thin
Shaft Diameter: 12.75mm
Shaft Length: 29 Inch
Shaft Taper: Gradual Rise Pro Taper
Tip Backing: V-Tek Silencer
Ferrule: V-Tek Ferrule
Ferrule Technology: V-Tek Construction
Shaft Construction: iMatch Pairing
Insert Material: Brass
Face Type: Piloted
Care & Instructions: Predator
Warranty: Predator Warranty

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by SlashoMighty
SlashoMighty bought
"Uni-Loc | Thin Black Collar | Predator 314-3"

Excellent 314-3

Decided to buy a second shaft in case something funny happened to the first. Less cue ball squirt than my last low deflection cue. I decided on the 314-3 due to the hit, i get feedback on my shots that i did not get with the vantage stiff (not fond of the taper), the z3 was a bit small for me. I like the roughly 13mm tip.

I have let quite a few people try this shaft and everyone that has bought one within a few days. Its also helpful that at my local hall we have someone with just about every version so others can get a hands on feel before taking the plunge.

I would give yourself a break in period of possibly a few months if you have been using a maple shaft and are very used to this, as in my case. It takes time. Also a good way to visualize the squirt the shaft imparts on the ball is to take all 15 balls and shoot them down table on tight pockets with maximum left or right aim straight for the opening. Then add in the cue ball and try to aim true to the contact point. Hope it helps.
Reviewed by chaselo1987
chaselo1987 bought
"Uni-Loc | Thin Black Collar | Predator 314-3"

No Gimmick here - Predator has done it again!

I think of myself as a decent amateur player SL 7/9 during my APA days, and working on becoming an more established, smarter, consistent player. I came from a Z2 to this shaft as I found my self missing simple shots with the small tip diameter. While the Z2 brought my game where it is today, I believe this will help deliver me to the next level, with more practice and drills.

This 314-3 has an extremely solid hit IMO. I did not fully understand "Stiffness" until I hit balls with this shaft. It is just a silky smooth hit, (Kamui Black Soft) - The Vibration is way down than my Z2, and just feels so much smoother. The 12.75 diameter takes some getting used to, however I believe my stroke is established enough to where the English I am able to achieve makes no difference. The Deflection is nearly spot on a Z2. If a Z2 had 0.05 Deflection, this shaft must have 0.08. (Just an example). I believe as I get more used to the shaft, my accuracy will improve over the Z2's habit of applying accidental English and throwing the ball (of course my stroke is not perfect enough).

Overall, I am very happy with the purchase and the shaft. I would like to have this in a 30", as I may also try the Vantage 30", to which I think is basically a better Z2 with a 12.9 diameter. Hope this information helps with some curiosity. It is a definite upgrade from a 314-2 and a Z-2

"Hello Sid, Received my cue~~ It's a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Looks even better than I had imagined. Again, thanks for all your efforts. I will certainly recommend you site to any of my friends who want to purchase a cue. Regards...David Brendle"

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