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Pool Table Supplies at Seybert's Billiard Supply includes everything you need for Valley, Brunswick, Olhausen, and Connelly pool table parts. Pool Table Repairs can be done easily with everything you need from Seybert's Billiard Supply.

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Pool Ball Racks - Seybert’s Billiard Supply offers a wide range of billiard ball racks…
Pool Cue Racks - Seyberts Billiard Supply offers a wide variety of Billiard Cue Racks.
Pool table brushes and cleaners to keep your billiard cloth clean from dirt, grime and chalk…
Quality pool table covers from Brunswick, Hood, Olhausen, and Pro Series. Custom pool table…
Pool table lighting is one of the most important aspects of setting up your home game room.…
Pool table play kits from Aramith, Brunswick, and HJ Scott just to name a few. Looking for…
Pool Ball Sets for you pool table - Seybert's Billiard Supply offers a wide range of single…
Keep your pool table in top playing condition. We offer a large supply of repair parts and…

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Horizontal Bridge Stick and Ball Rack Hook
Item - 39-100H
Horizontal bridge stick and ball rack brass hook. This hook is designed to be...
$5.95 $4.76
Vertical Bridge Stick and Ball Rack Hook
Item - 39-100V
Vertical bridge stick and ball rack brass hook. This hook can be mounted on...
$5.95 $4.76
Ballsak Cue Ball Case
With the Ballsak cue ball case you can be sure that every game of pool you...
$15.95 $12.95
Simonis Bed Cloth Installation Training DVD
Simonis Bed Cloth Installation Training DVD. Simonis installation training...
$44.95 $30.00
Simonis Rail & Bed Cloth Installation Training DVD
Simonis installation training DVD set shows proper technique for installing...
$89.90 $39.95
Simonis Rail Cloth Installation Training DVD
Simonis Rail Cloth Installation Training DVD. Simonis installation training...
$44.95 $22.48
Quick Clean Table Cleaner
$12.95 $7.77
Simonis Cloth X-1 Pool Table Cloth Cleaner
Item - X1C
The Simonis X-1 deeply extracts the chalk dust from the baize and retains it...
$112.44 $89.95
Aramith Pool Ball Case
Item - AR1142
Whether you want to store your ball set at home or take it with you, our new...
$68.92 $55.15
10 1/2 Horse Hair Wooden Brush
Item - A15
The 10 1/2" wooden pool table brush is constructed of a 10 1/2" curved wooden...
$17.99 $14.39
3" Plastic Pocket Liners
Item - 21363
Replacement 3" pocket liners are made of durable rubber material. Designed to...
$18.95 $15.16
3" Rubber Pool Table Leg Shims
Item - ACRSx
Rubber 3" pool table leg shims. These shims are for leveling the cabinet of...
$0.50 $0.40
3M Foam & Fabric 24 Spray
Item - 3M24
3M Foam & Fabric 24 Spray Adhesive Orange 13.8 fl Ounce can
$17.95 $15.26
3M Foam Fast 74 Spray Adhesive
Item - D0001
3M Foam Fast 74 spray adhesive 16.9oz. 74 is a quick bonding and is great for...
$29.95 $23.96
6 Cue Wall Rack With Bridge Clip
Item - CR206
6-cue two-piece wall rack with bridge clip. American stains and lacquers in...
$35.99 $28.79
8 Cue Wall Rack
Item - CR2
8 cue two-piece wall rack. American stains and lacquers in colors matching...
$39.90 $31.92
8 or 9 Ball Ash Tray
Item - XBAT
$6.60 $4.95
Aramith  8 Ball
Item - 11-208
Aramith 8 Ball replacement pool ball.
$14.88 $11.91
Aramith Ball Cleaner
Item - 11-183
$10.36 $8.29
Aramith Billiard Ball Restorer
Item - AR1063
Keep your Aramith billiard balls looking and playing like new with the...
$11.37 $9.10
Aramith Blue Dot Cue Ball
Item - B0038
Aramith 2 1/4" Blue dot cue ball.
$11.66 $9.33
Aramith Blue Logo Cue Ball
Item - ARCB
Aramith 2 1/4" blue logo phenolic cue ball.
$13.48 $10.78
Aramith Crazy Eight Ball
Item - 21268
$22.91 $18.33
Aramith Leopard 9 Ball
Item - 11-179
$19.89 $15.91
Aramith Micro Fiber Towel
Item - 11-184
$13.19 $10.55
Aramith Power Ball Cleaner
Item - ARPBC
Aramith Power Ball Cleaner. Add Liquid ball cleaner $10.30.
$123.09 $98.46
Aramith Red Circle Cue Ball
Item - AR1058
$22.88 $18.31
Aramith Red Dot Cue Ball
Item - AR1008
Aramith 2 1/4" red dot cue ball.
$11.66 $9.33
Aramith Snake 9 Ball
Item - 11-185
$19.89 $15.91
Aramith Standard Magnetic Cue Ball
Item - AMCB
$21.62 $17.30
Aramith Standard Pool Ball Set
Item - AR1046
Aramith Standard Belgian billiard ball sets have all of the standard...
$113.87 $91.10
Aramith Super Pro Cue Ball 6 Dot
Item - AR1020
The TV Pro Cup cue balls is one of the most requested cue balls on the...
$43.25 $34.60
Aramith White 8 Ball
Item - 11-161
Aramith 2 1/4" White 8 Ball pool ball.
$19.48 $15.59
Ballstar Liquid Ball Cleaner 2 Liter
Item - BSLC
Ballstar pool ball liquid ball cleaner. This 2 liter bottle of liquid cleaner...
$34.95 $29.71
Ballstar Pro Pool Ball Cleaner
Item - BSBC
Ballstar Pro pool ball Cleaner. Cleans up to 8 balls at a time comes with 1...
$599.95 $479.96
Berry Staple Remover
Item - 34-800
The berry staple remover is made especially for pulling staples out of pool...
$29.99 $16.49
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