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Full selection of pool table parts and supplies to make the restoration of your pool table…
Replacement pool table rail rubber / bumpers. Bring the bounce back to your pool table with…
Complete list of replacement pool table pockets for your table. We offer leather fringe and…
Valley Repair Parts will also fit Dynamo, Fisher, and most coin-op style bar box pool tables…
3" Rubber Pocket Liners
Item - 21363
Replacement 3" pocket liners are made of durable rubber material. Designed to...
$18.95 $15.16
3" Rubber Pool Table Leg Shims
Item - ACRSx
Rubber 3" pool table leg shims. These shims are for leveling the cabinet of...
$0.50 $0.40
3M Adhesive Remover
Item - 3MREM
3M Adhesive remover. Ideal for the removal of adhesive residue or for surface...
$34.95 $29.71
3M Foam & Fabric 24 Spray
Item - 3M24
3M Foam & Fabric 24 Spray Adhesive Orange 13.8 fl Ounce can
$17.95 $15.26
3M Foam Fast 74 Spray Adhesive
Item - D0001
3M Foam Fast 74 spray adhesive 16.9oz. 74 is a quick bonding and is great for...
$29.95 $23.96
Antique Pool Table Rail Bolt Tool
Item - 436
Antique adjustable rail bolt fork bit to remove or replace the round-head on...
$30.59 $26.00
Barge Rail Rubber Contact Cement Quart
Item - 31252
Barge 1qt pool table rail rubber contact cement with easy application bush...
$39.95 $27.97
Berry Staple Remover
Item - 34-800
The berry staple remover is made especially for pulling staples out of pool...
$29.99 $16.49
Black 1/2" Round Pool Table Rail Sites
Item - 36-122BK
Black round replacement pool table rail sites are 1/2"(12.7mm)wide and 1/8"...
$1.00 $0.80
Black Leather Drop Pockets(6)
Item - 9930127
Set of 6 Black leather replacement drop pockets. Not liking the looks of...
$199.95 $159.96
Blue Bees Wax
Item - 33-1101
Bees wax is used primarily on pool table with 3 piece slate. The Bees wax is...
$6.95 $5.21
Brown Leather Drop Pockets(6)
Item - 9920137
Set of 6 TM Traditional Mahagony leather replacement drop pockets. Not liking...
$199.95 $159.96
Championship General Purpose Spray Adhesive
Item - 01-11
Championship 13oz general purpose spray adhesive. This adhesive sprays in a...
$19.99 $15.99
Championship Spot
Item - 21440
Championship table spots are self adhesive 1inch each and are regulation...
$0.75 $0.49
Chocolate Leather Drop Pockets(6)
Item - 9920147
Set of 6 chocolate dark brown leather replacement drop pockets. Not liking...
$199.95 $159.96
Chrome Leg Levelers (set of 4)
Item - 16-149
These leg levelers fits most pool tables. Made of molded steel with a webbed...
$52.95 $34.42
Cushion Facings (1 set)
Item - 4320
Cushion facing are used on the ends of your rail rubbers and rail. The...
$6.95 $5.21
Durhams Rock Hard
Item - 2143
Durham's is used primarily on pool table with 3 piece slate. Durham's is used...
$3.95 $2.37
Extra Wide Corner Miters
Item - 36-310
These extra wide corner miters will fit older pool tables including Fisher,...
$39.95 $15.98
EZ Install Leather Pocket Nets (6)
Item - EZ
Set of 6.  Select from brown and black one set of six EZ Install...
$68.95 $55.16
Flat Wood Shims (25)
Item - 36-231
Large wood shims are used for leveling your table under the slate. Each shim...
$6.95 $4.87
Gulley Boots (6)
Item - 21463
Set of 6. Gulley boots are used on Valley tables as part of the ball...
$21.95 $16.46
Heavy Duty Replacement Pockets (6)
Item - 5122H
Heavy duty drop pockets measure 9" long and are pre-cut to fit most tables....
$49.95 $39.96
Hood #6 Aged Russet With Mingled Fringe set of 6
Item - 9908002
Hood Leather #6 Aged Russet with Mingled fringe pool table pockets. Complete...
$219.00 $142.35
Hood #6 Dark Walnut Chocolate Fringe set of 6
Item - 9967001
Hood Leather #6 dark Walnut with chocolate suede fringe leather pool table...
$219.00 $142.35
Hood #6 Fringed Pockets set of 6
Please allow 2 weeks on Hood Leather Pockets. Every Hood Leather pocket is...
$219.00 $142.35
Hood #6 Oak with Bronze Fringe Pool Table Pockets 6
Item - 996149
Hood Leather #6 Oak finish with fringe pool table pockets. Complete set of 6.
$169.00 $119.00
Hood #6 Traditional Mahogany with Black Fringe set of 6
Item - 99146548
Hood Leather #6 Traditional Mahogany with Black Fringe pool table pockets....
$219.00 $142.35
Hood Shielded Leather Pockets (6)
Hood leather Preferred Standards are the highest quality standard pockets on...
$219.00 $142.35
Ivory Color 7 /16 Round Rail Sites
Item - 36-120
Ivory color round replacement pool table sites are 7/16"(11mm)wide and 1/8"...
$1.00 $0.80
Large Wood Shims (10)
Item - B0974
Large wood shims are used for leveling your table under the slate. Each shim...
$5.00 $4.00
Liquid Dowels
Item - 520250
Liquid Dowels is specially formulated to bond the 3 pieces of slate together.
$24.95 $19.95
Narrow Rail Cap
Item - 01-0127
These narrow rail caps will fit older pool tables including Fisher, Ebonite,...
$27.95 $22.36
Penguin Rail Rubber Contact Cement Quart
Penguin Brand cushion glue is a specially formulated contact cement for use...
$19.95 $16.96
Perfect 10 Roll On Pool Table Cloth Slate Glue
Item - RGQ
Perfect 10 Cloth Adhesive 1 quart roll on slate glue. This glue is designed...
$31.43 $22.00
Plastic Ball Tray
Item - BT
The Black Plastic 16 ball tray organizer. Great holder to help to keep your...
$5.95 $5.06
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