Predator Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge Kit

Predator Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge Kit
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The Predator Uni-Loc® Weight Cartridge Kit lets you fine-tune the weight of your pool cue within a tenth of a ounce. Eight different weights, ranging from 0.1 oz. to 2 oz., give you up to 30 possible weight combination for unmatched precision. The versatile installation tool has dual prongs that interlock with each weight and a detachable handle. The tool can be used with the handle for easy on-the-go tuning, or with a drill bit for lightning fast tuning at home. Weight Cartridge Kit will work on the following cues 8K Series, BK III Series, BLAK2 Series, CRM Series, IKON2 Series, P3 Series,  SP6 Series, SPORT II Series, THRONE Series, LIMITED & SPECIAL ED. (2012 & NEWER), and  MOLINARI BY PREDATOR Carom Cues.
Product ID : P3KIT
Product ID: P3KIT

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Reviewed by jamn240sxrc5
jamn240sxrc5 bought
"Predator Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge Kit"

Great kit

Very useful. Just bought a new Predator cue and I love being able to adjust the weight of it. Very versatile
Reviewed by thedirtybird
thedirtybird bought
"Predator Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge Kit"

Great for fine-tuning your cue

I had 2 predators so I bought the weight kit to adjust the weights of my cues. You can tune it down to within 1/10 of an oz. Very nice. The handle/tool for inserting and removing the weights doesn't seat very tight when put together but it gets the job done. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by ap2ryp
ap2ryp bought
"Predator Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge Kit"

good quality

very decent and would let you set your cue weight very accurately. a must have if you shoot with a predator cue
Reviewed by Muskiehunter51
Muskiehunter51 bought
"Predator Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge Kit"

Decent kit

When the price tag sits at $62 I assumed the quality would be a little better. Maybe I'm being overly picky, but the fitment of the handle to the connector should be a little tighter and at least have magnetic connections, aside from that it's a nice kit. All weights work in my Roadline with the exception of the biggest weight bolt.
Reviewed by nickisnoob

Good quality

Good build quality, solid feel will last a long time
Reviewed by Redbow
Redbow bought
"Predator Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge Kit"

Good set

Although i am slightly disappointed in it being a must-buy for people wanting to adjust their cue's weight, i can understand that it was a necessity as i imagine the weight cartridges has a way bigger production-cost than your average weight-screws. The kit arrives with a very good choice of weight-cartridges, giving you the possibility of adjusting your combination down to an 0.1oz precision. Recommended to anyone but people with difficulties in making their mind up. ;-)

Reviewed by papa_fox1

works like a charm

nice to be able to adjust your cue to your game instead of the other way around. well worth the investment. Too bad it only fits a few cues.

"This place is awesome, I called to make sure the cue I wanted was in stock guy was very friendly and took the time to talk to me about my purchase. Product arrived next business day, but I am only 300 miles from them. Will do business with them again, and send them as many customers as possible. Thank you Seyberts....."

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