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Tweeten Topper Sander

Tweeten Topper Sander
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Tweeten cue tip sander provides a smooth surface on the ferrule for perfect cue tip replacement.
PRICE: $3.90 $1.95
Product ID : 216
Product ID: 216
Tool Type: Tip Replacement

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by kenmike
kenmike bought
"Tweeten Topper Sander"

Tweeten Topper Sander

Just received this yesterday and this is the tool I have been looking for for a near perfect do it yourself tip replace

I have been perfecting doing my own tips and getting the ferrule completely flat when doing any sanding by hand is very problematic and almost impossible and I did not want to spend the money on some of the newer overseas expensive sanders with the metal clamps and possibly damage my expensive vintage Palmer Cue

Well I have to tell this little tool worked well - the only tip I would give folks is after using this is there may be a slight high spot in the middle of the ferrule when done and you may just need to use 220 grit sand paper and carefully sand down that area flat in the middle by hand to get near perfect

Getting the ferrule completely flat and level is the most crucial and hardest step in my opinion having replaced several tips

I am extremely happy this this tool and the price

Seyberts needs to stock up on this item for those that change their own tips - A must have especially for those on a budget
Reviewed by prjct7
prjct7 bought
"Tweeten Topper Sander"

Works okay

Not too good but does a semi decent job
Reviewed by [email protected]
[email protected] bought
"Tweeten Topper Sander"

works pretty good

for 2 bucks you get a nice sander that you wont feel bad if you lose or break it after a couple uses
Reviewed by Terbear89
Terbear89 bought
"Tweeten Topper Sander"

Awesome tool!

I've had this for awhile now, and have used it on various cues. Works great! Can't argue with the price. Very pleased with this. I was originally going to buy the more expensive metal one. But thought what the heck for 1.95 can't lose. When it wears out or whatever buy another! Does a good job, thanks again :-)
Reviewed by zmuirbrook
zmuirbrook bought
"Tweeten Topper Sander"

cheap and works...well.

I agree this is cheap and works. I was impressed at how well it works for they money. I would question its durability if I were doing tip work all the time. But for the once-in-a-whiler it is perfect. And if it wears out I'm only out 2 more dollars.
Reviewed by paulpenny
paulpenny bought
"Tweeten Topper Sander"

cheap and it works.

cheap and it works.
Reviewed by bcno59
bcno59 bought
"Tweeten Topper Sander"

works great, great buy

recommend for personal, light cue fix up. was really surprised how well it
sanded flat the ferrule top,

"I have ordered numerous items and always satisfied with the product as well as to how fast my purchases get sent out. Prices are more than competitive and all things being equal - level of professionalism second to none. Larry L. "

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