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Tweeten Cue Tip Clamp

Tweeten Cue Tip Clamp
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Tweeten Cue Tip Clamp will make those tip changes go smoother.
PRICE: $1.90 $0.95
Product ID : 288DZ
Product ID: 288DZ
Tool Type: Tip Replacement

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by [email protected]
[email protected] bought
"Tweeten Cue Tip Clamp"

Works Just as Intended

If you replace your own tips and don't use the quick/instant drying gel type "super glue", this gizmo will definitely keep the tip secure while a slower-setting type glue cures. I do all my own tip replacements and use Loctite Gel Control glue now that sets within seconds so will likely find a friend who can use this tool.
Reviewed by prjct7
prjct7 bought
"Tweeten Cue Tip Clamp"

Good product for amazing price

Does the job well and is so cheap it's practically cheap.
Reviewed by wisnoskij
wisnoskij bought
"Tweeten Cue Tip Clamp"

The Only Decent Product

Amazing price.
Great performance.
And strangely the only cue clamp that seems capable of clamping a tip on straight. All other clamps on the market either apply pressure unevenly or they don't give you enough room to see the weld.

With the Tweeten Clamp you a get a 360 degree view of the tip with enough room to easily adjust the tip if it is out of alignment. And the way it is constructed you can easily adjust the rubber band to apply the pressure to the exact center of any sized cue.
Reviewed by zmuirbrook
zmuirbrook bought
"Tweeten Cue Tip Clamp"


You can't beat the price on this thing. I placed it on my cue to see if it would work. If I were to actually use it, I would probably put something on my shaft to protect it. But it turns out I bought some instant glue. So I will probably never use it. But for a dollar I don't think you can go wrong.

"Simple and short ... You are the best! :)"

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