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Porper Cut Rite

Porper Cut Rite
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The Joe Porper Cut Rite - The Porper Products Cut Rite tool has a Self-centering barrel for a cue tip shaper on one end and a cue tip cutter on the other. Insert shaft and twist to shape your cue tip or cut away mushroomed cue tips easily and accurately with the cue tip trimming side. The Porper Cut Rite Trimmer can be use on cue tips up to 13mm in size
PRICE: $24.95 $17.95
Product ID : 7000
Product ID: 7000
Tool Type: Tip Replacement

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by cirlbeck
cirlbeck bought
"Porper Cut Rite"

Porper cut rite

Too small of an opening for most tips that I've tried it on.I had to trim alot of the tip to get it to fit. Would be alot more useful if it would adjust. It does a ok job trimming and shaping once you get a tip to fit. Need to go slow and easy with the trimming..
Reviewed by logic101

Wishful Thinking

I bought this tool ages ago. You are "maybe" good for two or three tips before the blade binds on the tip. It rips up most multi-layered tips and chews up the soft tips. I stopped using it long ago. I bought a replacement blade (thinking it may have been the blade, but it tore a chunk out of a Moori tip from jump street. Plus, most of the tips wouldn't fit correctly. Hell, writing this review reminded me to throw it out (which I just did).

Reviewed by ronis

It's ok but could be better

It's a good tip cutting tool if you install tips by yourself. Unfortunately 14mm tips don't fit, so you need to cut it to about 13mm in advance.
Reviewed by mlafaro

Moderately useful

You can't fit a 14mm tip into this tool. So, you need to trim the tip first with a utility knife until the tip is small enough to fit into the tool. Don't force it! You'll only end up rpping the tip off the shaft. Once you're able to get the tip into the tool, it does a decent job at trimming from there. Shaper doesn't work too well.
Reviewed by logic101

Not Bad, But then again.

Most of the shafts I have tried to use this tool on were either to small or to large. Of the ones that did fit, it would chew up soft mult-layered tips bad. The blade does not last as long as you would think.

I still have the tool in my bag of tricks, but when I use it, I always have my fingers crossed.
Reviewed by r3reinholt

ok tip tool

Its shaves the mushroom of the tip ok on shafts between 12.5 to 13mm but will not go much smaller than that and the shaping side the blade broke the first use on three of these that Ive tried. Ok but wouldnt buy again
Reviewed by rcablayan

I would love this if...

This was a very nice tool. I was thinking of a similar design. However, its not adjustable to diameter or shaving depth. I had to modify it to accommodate my standard shaft! After which it did a great job of shaping the tip.

"First time dealing with seyberts and was very pleased "

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