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Balance Rite Uni-Loc Pool Cue Extension

Balance Rite Uni-Loc Pool Cue Extension
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Balance Rite forward weighted pool cue extension for Uni-loc joint. This 4" extension conveniently go between your shaft and butt to give you that little extra length you need on some shots. The Extension weighs approximately 2oz. This extension is designed to be used on every shot.

Additional Information

IMPORTANT!: The Balance Rite Cue Extensions are a universal product built to extend your cue 4". However, your cue may not roll perfectly straight when installed on your cue since every joint facing is different. Please take this into consideration when you are ordering.
PRICE: $59.99 $47.99
Product ID : BRFU
Product ID: BRFU

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Pods
Pods bought
"Balance Rite Uni-Loc Pool Cue Extension"

Balance Rite Uni-Loc Pool Cue Extension

Works as advertised. I like these for the lighter carbon fiber shafts.
Reviewed by rickdenham
rickdenham bought
"Balance Rite Uni-Loc Pool Cue Extension"

Great buy

I have a lucasi this extender fits perfect. Came in mail Monday screwed on my stick went to league night . I beat a 6 two out of three. Won my match best thing I ever purchased. I told everyone who asked I bought it at Seyberts
Reviewed by denguinho13
denguinho13 bought
"Balance Rite Uni-Loc Pool Cue Extension"


With this thing my originally straight cue lifts up the tip up to 3cm when rolled on the table. Exagerated price for a cheaply manufactured bit of wood with 2 screws.... For the price I think one should be able to produce something precise and straight... Very disappointed

"Received the 2X3 New Image rugged leather cue case, and it is a fine specimen. Thanks, Wamiller"

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