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Triple-T Cue Shield Shaft Cleaner

Triple-T Cue Shield Shaft Cleaner
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Triple-T Cue Shield Shaft Cleaner & Conditioner is an exclusive laboratory-tested formula which not only cleans but conditions the wood in one easy application. Unlike some cleaners, it has no alcohol, acetone, or other harsh chemicals that can dry out the wood and damage a cue shaft. Instead, it is micro-targeted to gently lift out dirt and chalk residue while nourishing the wood and leaving it with a soft sheen. It is best used with cue CUE DOCTOR WAX for ultimate protection and a genuinely smooth stroke.
PRICE: $12.95 $9.95
Product ID : RXCC
Product ID: RXCC
Shaft Care Type: Cleaner

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by cueistdale
cueistdale bought
"Triple-T Cue Shield Shaft Cleaner"

no harsh chemicals

This product advertises itself as being without any harsh chemicals. I do not know if the cleaner and conditioner I had been using do or do not have abrasive chemicals. I suspect they do not, but I like that this is stated up front with this product. Also the cleaning and conditioning are in one step rather than 2 applications. It worked neither better nor worse than other products, but it was quicker. I will, of course, still use Q-Wiz to burnish in between cleanings.
Reviewed by cirlbeck
cirlbeck bought
"Triple-T Cue Shield Shaft Cleaner"

Cue shield cleaner conditioner.

Good product. Works well.
I like the 3oz size. You get more cleaner than the other brands.. A little goes a long way..
Reviewed by ss5549
ss5549 bought
"Triple-T Cue Shield Shaft Cleaner"


I like it very much.
You clean it cleanly.
Reviewed by irthunder

Great Product

It works really well on extremely dirty shafts and also is a great conditioner. Best I have found on the market.
Reviewed by logic101
logic101 bought
"Triple-T Cue Shield Shaft Cleaner"

One of the best cleaners out there

Very easy to use. Wipe on - wipe off. I found that cleaning 6-8 inches of the shaft at a time with light to medium pressure gives the best results. After cleaning, burnish the shaft for the best of results.
Reviewed by shunjet

Best every day shaft cleaning product

I find it to be the best every day shaft cleaning product.
I use it in combination with Porper burnisher.
After I clean the shaft with it I burnish it with Porper burnisher.
Usually every day and in the tournament between matches.

"Hey Rick, got the shaft about 1 hour ago, tried it out and love it! The packing was absolutely Nuke-Proof. Seems like you are in a 1st class outfit. Thanks again. Regards Don Graziano"

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