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Tiger Shaft Smoother

Tiger Shaft Smoother
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Tiger shaft smoother and burnisher smoothes and cleans the shaft faster and leaves the pool cue shaft smooth and slick longer. Finer side burnishes the shaft naturally. The Tiger shaft smoother and burnisher helps to protect the shaft from moisture and includes one plastic carrying bag.
Product ID : TSB
Product ID: TSB
Shaft Care Type: Burnishing

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by plandr5

something has changed

I bought this product years ago and loved it. On side was slightly abrasive other side more of a sealed sponge feel. Just bought a new one and both sides feel equally abrasive. Used it lightly on my 314 and noticed it was taking off more than dirt. A side by side comparison revealed it is just not the same product it once was. Threw it in the drawer and now use only a clean products, eat her burnisher, and smooth side of old tiger pad.
Reviewed by salehbaothman12345
salehbaothman12345 bought
"Tiger Shaft Smoother"


this is a good item. but takes aloooooooot from tje shaft it sands it down a lot. though its really easy to use. it was my first time using a burnisher and i did it perfectly. its amazing but has a big disadvantage. wouldnt try it on a 1500 cue
Reviewed by thunda62
thunda62 bought
"Tiger Shaft Smoother"

Great -- but only when needed

This is a great shaft cleaner. I have only used it a few times because I prefer the Seyberts Q-Wiz pad. The Tiger Shaft Smoother is easier to hold and control when cleaning the shaft but is more abrasive than the Seyberts Q-Wiz. I had some "gunk" on the bridge portion of my shaft that was very stubborn and wouldn't come out with the Q-Wiz. The shape and solid form of the Tiger Shaft Smoother removed the "gunk" quickly and without too much elbow grease. But I wouldn't use it very often.
Reviewed by emily_lim2311

Too abrasive?

I'm not too sure about using this product. When i first saw it and before i use it, i had doubt on how safe to use it.

It seems to be very abrasive in nature and could possibly make your shaft thinner if it is used frequently.

People have reported that it make your shaft feel smooth but probably that is due to its abrasive nature and the shaft is like being sand down.

I would only use a leather burnisher which is milder than using this product.

Perhaps it would be good to use it sparingly.
Reviewed by Souforte

Shaft Smoother

In less then 3 minutes your shaft becomes smoother with that new feeling.
Even if you are already playing for X hours and you hands are humid your shaft just get stuck´ed in your fingers, just clean you hands pass this smoother on the shaft for like 2-3 minutes and your ready to go, it really works.
Reviewed by dcking
dcking bought
"Tiger Shaft Smoother"

quick and easy

Like it says, quick and takes like 5 mins.2 sides one cleans and the othr seals.just also the leather burnisher from tiger as well for a smooth and cleaner shaft.

"THANK YOU!!!! THE POOL BALL SET IS GREAT!!!!! Joel Underwood"

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