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Tiger Leather Burnisher

Tiger Leather Burnisher
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Why burnish your cue with Tiger's leather burnisher? The purpose of burnishing you pool cue shaft with Tigers leather burnisher is to smooth and seal the wood on your pool cue shaft. The more you burnish the better the finish and the more moisture resistant your pool cue shaft becomes. Burnisher measures 4" x 2 1/2".
Product ID : LBUR
Product ID: LBUR
Shaft Care Type: Burnishing

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Directions: Wrap the leather burnisher around the pool cue shaft and with firm pressure work your burnisher up and down your working range. For best finish do faster and harder strokes. Repeating this procedure for a half a minute of so before and after you play and after you play will produce a professional looking finish. Cloth Cue Slicker


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by ss5549
ss5549 bought
"Tiger Leather Burnisher"


It's a very useful product,
Reviewed by REddings
REddings bought
"Tiger Leather Burnisher"


Great product. Perfect size. I use it all the time. Makes the cue shaft super slick.
Reviewed by oshua86
oshua86 bought
"Tiger Leather Burnisher"

Good product

I currently use this for my shaft burnishing, I like it, however I disliked at first the fact that the leather was very stiff, it takes a little bit of broken in for it to work really good, now that mine is nice and soft I love the results. Good product.
Reviewed by Souforte

The best Burnisher

Best burnisher out there,...amazing $$$/quality ratio, after a fast clean, burnish your shaft with this toy, and you will be happy with the outcome, shiny and new look!

deserves a 5
Reviewed by dcking
dcking bought
"Tiger Leather Burnisher"

the wonders of leather

When I needed to clean my shaft on my cue for the first time I asked for info on how to. Everything was good until I heard leather burnishher.I was like "leather".so my friend showed me how to do it and saw and felt the results.I was I bout this leather is one of my most needed and favorite tools for my cue.really does its job well and easy.

"This is my 3rd pool cue I have bought from you all and I must say you all great keep up the great service! Thanks John"

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