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QWiz- Qwiz shaft conditioning pad is a great product for smoothing and polishing your pool cue shafts.
PRICE: $8.25 $7.42
Product ID : QW10
Product ID: QW10
Shaft Care Type: Burnishing

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Directions: To smooth and polish your cue shafts, simply rub the Q Wiz up and down the shaft using long, light strokes. Use the unmarked brown side to smooth the shaft and the tan logo side to polish it. Always wipe down your cue shafts after use to remove any chalk dust and body oils. You can use the q-wiz as often as your like to maintain the new super smooth finish without fear of damaging your cue shaft or reducing its diameter.


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by cirlbeck
cirlbeck bought

Q wiz

Good product. Works well. It's a nice option to have when you need to smooth up a shaft in a hurry.
Reviewed by t7fce
t7fce bought


Works great to smooth the shaft. Two sides really complete the burnishing job. Can clean and re-use too so it's a good value.
Reviewed by sl315
sl315 bought

Q Wiz

Very nice to have in a pinch. Revitalize the shaft and makes it smooth.
Reviewed by Sharking4life
Sharking4life bought

Love these!

I have been using a Q wiz now for over 10 years and just bought a new one and it’s working perfectly! Cleans and polished my shaft every time for a great feeling. Helps me when my hand are sweaty and cleans it right up.
Reviewed by Kuyooo
Kuyooo bought

Easy use

A great cleaning product. I use this with the cue kleen and cue silk. The washable feature is great so you're not having to re-buy it every time. I enjoy using this for cleaning purposes.
Reviewed by cueistdale

easy to carry and use

The idea is to create friction to seal the pores of the wood, making the shaft feel very smooth. A shaft cleaner should be used first, and then this smoothing and burnishing pad should be stroked up and down the shaft while slowly rotating the shaft. There are numerous products to perform this job, but this one is easy to carry and easy to use during the course of play. More complete care of the shaft can be done at home, but I give this product 5 stars for being easily available when I'm into a match or at a tournament.
Reviewed by timseal
timseal bought

Cleans and smoothens

There are several other products that look just like this, with different branding and slightly different prices. They might be exactly the same, I don't know. I do know that this QWiz works very well, and my cue feels far smoother after I use this.

Don't rub too vigorously though. You will look silly (and might snap your cue)
Reviewed by Lonestar66
Lonestar66 bought

It's ok

I am semi happy with it.. to be honest it is kinda small, less than 2 1/2 inchs diameter.. So it's a little small for my big hands but seems to do an ok job
Reviewed by wongway

Best cue care product ever

This is one product that actually is every bit as good as advertised.

I don't need or use any other shaft care cleaner/slicker/anything.

It does wear the finish off over time, but my shaft stays smooth and slick as glass with this.

It's a little smaller than I expected, but I've been using the same one for about a year, and I only now need a new one. It's a great product.
Reviewed by Muskiehunter51
Muskiehunter51 bought

Works like a dream!

I already own the tiger burnishing pad, this item works SO much better! Leaves the shaft feeling like glass after a small amount of working it.
Reviewed by BudHacket


I appear to be the first unimpressed. Don't get me wrong, it does what it advertises, it's just that with high grit sand paper (600+) and leather you get the same results. That is what I was doing, and it's much more affordable. The problem lies in the fact that it's diameter is smaller than a Coke can. Again, it does what it advertises, just don't expect a lot of material.
Reviewed by yyyghb4

Strange but True

This is a very weird little tool. There is no way such a simple little thing should work so well, but it does. And it's cheap. Since when do you get something cheap, and good? Definitely have this in your case and forget about all the waxes and creams, and magic elixirs out there.
Reviewed by ronis

Great stuff!

It's a great tool to clean your shaft during the match should you need it. Esp. useful in hot/humid climate. Lasts for months, washable.
Bottomline: it's a must have.
Reviewed by ShadowedXistence


this thing is incredibly simple but works in mysterious ways... i can't believe how well it works to remove some grime from the shaft
Reviewed by Souforte


Great product, is washable, used by high ranked players.
Makes the shaft ultra smooth in less then 1 minute, this lasts for at least ~5months cause is washable.

A great choice for sure
Reviewed by garybkatz

Worth the price

This is a nice little accessory to carry in your cue case. It reduces shaft friction and it takes about 40 seconds to use, including taking it out of its package. I've used it extensively on hot, humid days. First you use the rough side to remove debris and surface dirt, then switch to the smooth side to give the shaft a nice glide finish. Washable, although I've never bothered.
Reviewed by Yawger

Best tool I didn't know I needed.

Someone got me this because they knew I shot pool a lot. I didn't even know the details of why I should be keeping my shaft clean and slick at the time. Since having this in my bag, I have found the difference between a clean shaft and a dirty one. I love this tool, and use it weekly! Be careful as it can scratch your ferrule with tiny fine scratches that hold colored chalk, causing you to have to clean it off frequently.
Reviewed by tfw314

The Best Burnisher

I absolutely love this product does an excellant job on any shaft without reducing diameter of the shaft, very good product.

"Purchased a ob1+ shafts the center of the tip had a large chunk out of it. Seybertswas very helpful at resolving the issue. Great job from seyberts customer support. It looks like ob quality control is seriously lacking "

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