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Q Wax

Q Wax
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The original cue care! Q Wax is specifically formulated with the finest Carnauba wax to give your pool cue and pool cue shaft the ultimate in protection. The original cue care!
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Product ID : KS29
Product ID: KS29

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Use Q Wax on a regular basic to help preserve the natural characteristics of the wood, between treatment use Q-Cloth to help cue clean and free of harmful oils and dirt.


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by [email protected]
[email protected] bought
"Q Wax"

Cue Maintenance Must-have

I use Sil Kleen to remove chalk and grime from the shaft, then burnishing papers (like Nick's Edge or McDermott McMagic papers), then this wax. I finish it off with Cue Silk conditioner. The shafts stay slick and smooth as glass.
Reviewed by shooter365
shooter365 bought
"Q Wax"

Seems legit

I only used this once since purchasing a few days ago. Appears to be a legit and quite affordable wax for your cue shaft .
Reviewed by cirlbeck
cirlbeck bought
"Q Wax"

Cue wax

Works well... I like what it has done with my cues. Product last a long time..
Reviewed by dmaurer
dmaurer bought
"Q Wax"

Just OK

This is wax, nothing special, and it works like wax. It leaves a slick surface but mine dried out in the container pretty quickly and became useless with most of it still in the jar. There's nothing wrong with it but I prefer Cue Silk as I think it does a better job and is easier to apply.
Reviewed by sl315
sl315 bought
"Q Wax"

Great product

This product works to make the shafts very smooth. Makes shaft feel so good.
Reviewed by Bruiser
Bruiser bought
"Q Wax"

Great stuff

Used QWax on a cheap house cue shaft that was still a little rough after polishing and it smoothed the surface out really well. Enough product here to last for years or hundreds of shafts based on what little I had to use to get the desired result.
Reviewed by nickhodge
nickhodge bought
"Q Wax"

Works great!

Nice wax for the shaft
Reviewed by r_s_pang
r_s_pang bought
"Q Wax"


QWax is an excellent wax for sealing and polishing your pool shaft. Once applied and buffed in, it offers a smooth and shiney protective layer which prevents your shaft discoloring from chalk but most importantly of all, the finish will ensure the shaft glides against your skin for many hours
Reviewed by Mnstrmatt117

Q Wax

Works exactly as advertised. I use this on all of my cues and it works well to keep them playing like new. I recommend you try some out for yourself.
Reviewed by Lonestar66
Lonestar66 bought
"Q Wax"

works well

Seems to work real well and as advertised .. Doesn't take much.. also came a day early which I am very happy with :D
Reviewed by ziz9cp

Smooth and Glossy~

I use Q Wax only to wax the butt of my cue after cleaning and have not been disappointed at how slick and smooth my cue feels after application. The feel of the cue finish is comparable to a brand new car surface and literally feels as if new life has been put back into the cue. Maintains very well. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by rrich1

Good product

I use this after my Q clean. Product works well and will last a long time. I recommend it.
Reviewed by Souforte

Q wax

Works fine, gives a nice finishing to the shaft, i recommend this
Reviewed by rcablayan

So far the best I've used

I don't know what more to say than that. Its done what I needed it to do, and for a good price, what more can you ask for.

"I order everything I need for pool from this site..prices are good and shipping is super fast..3-4 days total from ordering to front door..excellent service, top notch..I wish they carried the sure-shot billiard glove..thats the only thing I dont get from this site..I refer all my fellow pool players I play with to guys, keep..."

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